Bangladeshi terror group affiliated with IS reportedly led by Canadian


Bangladeshi terror group affiliated with IS reportedly led by Canadian - The Globe and Mail

Canada is has such a small population, but a reputation for seeing citizens radicalized in Canada and exported to commit terror against others, countless others reaching out and spreading such radical ideals from within Canada. From the article:

Public Safety Canada declined to comment on Mr. Chowdhury, but said the government is “taking every step to identity terrorists and prevent their activities.”The attack on the Holey Artisan Bakery in Bangladesh’s diplomatic zone killed 20 people, including foreigners from Italy, Japan and the United States. IS said it targeted the citizens of “Crusader countries” in the attack.

Canada’s foreign affairs office said it is working with consular officials in Dhaka to determine whether the hostage crisis has “directly affected” any Canadian citizens.

I recommend Americans email Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale directly and ask him, just what steps Canada has been taking to identify and prevent such dissemination of radicalism. Furthermore; you could question him regarding the reputation of Canadian agent provocateurs in various police forces who have been accused of spreading such ideology at home and abroad. The RCMP have been engaged in such activities or so long, that they had their intelligence arm stripped away from them in the creation of CSIS. Unfortunately, many of the same people who left the RCMP in the break, were simply hired to work at CSIS, and the unaccountable, often suspect culture continued and has continued to this day.