Bannering: Obama's latest gift to the unions


With public opinion increasingly critical of overpaid and under-performing labor unions, one might expect that union members and their representatives would be keeping a low profile while mounting a public relations campaign to repair their well-earned and sullied reputations. Not this bunch. In the face of an onslaught of public criticism of their excessive pay and absurdly generous health and retirement benefits coupled with a call for increased accountability and an end to tenure, public union members are actually becoming more strident and militant in their determination to demand what they seem to think is their entitlement.

American Thinker Blog: Bannering: Obama’s latest gift to the unions

Once again I see unions overstepping their responsibilities and trying to drive the cost of business up and in essence ensuring the fleeing of businesses overseas. Obama has wholehearted embraced what the unions are doing and have encouraged rules that would drive more businesses to close or leave.

I read the TSA now has been authorized to unionize.


The union hired guns were also handing out flyers from the MRCC featuring a rat chewing on an American flag.

This basically says everything you need to know about Unions.

We need to declare war as clearly on Unions as we have on wasteful government spending and RINO’s who campaign as Conservatives.


Obama had such overwhelming support from the unions in the 2008 elections, and he is counting on that same support in 2012. The dilemma for him is keeping the unions happy and at the same time not further pissing of the pro-business votes. Though, regardless of what he does I doubt the unions will switch over to a Republican candidate.


This is not something I remember clearly, but wasn’t there some union support for Reagan?

Something is telling me there was, but I can’t lay a finger on it.


I can’t point to anything specific, either, but I think there was support for Reagan from every walk of life. I rather doubt, though, that union leadership backed him at all. But I’m sure many union members did.


The Teamsters. I think they supported him over Carter.

We all know he was not supported by any union after his union busting of the Air Traffic controllers.


Now that was a great day!

I remember thinking “Things are going to be quite different with this President”.


“In the 1980s, Ron Carey became Teamsters president. He began the process of taking the union in a more moderate direction and away from its exclusive allegiance to the Democratic party. For example, in 1980 and 1984, the Teamsters endorsed Ronald Reagan for president. (Reagan was a union leader, having served as the president of the Screen Actors Guild. Teamsters union members are fixtures on the crews of television shows and motion picture sets.) In 1988, the union endorsed George H.W. Bush. However, the majority of the union’s donations continues to flow to Democrats.”

I picked this up somewhere. It would make sense that they did at least show some support, considering he was president of the Screen Actors Guild.


They supported him after he did that also? Humph! I’m amazed…


Which the Bill of Wrongs undid…