Bar Rescue


Yep I have been watching Bar Rescue again. For those who have not seen it the Host of the show picks a bar and criticises how it is run. Next the Host goes in and yells at the owner an staff and has a stress test where he brings in a large crowd which over whelms the staff which cause the Host to shut the bar. The Host provides some training of staff and does a remodel which could be anything from cosmetic to spending some big bucks. The bar has a grand reopening and the Host declares his work a success and runs figures saying the bar is doing better.

Then I go to the Bar Rescue page on the internet and find that the bar has closed. Another outcome is the owner either threw out the renovations to just going back to what they were doing in the first place.

Patrons tell us that some like the renovations while others think Bar Rescue made the bar worse.

Now I am not a drinker but I have been to bars in the past and I have never seen a kitchen in use. The food usually is boiled eggs or some microwave or toaster oven wonder. I do see restaurants which have bars in them. One theme seems to be jacking up the prices and adding food dishes that once Bar Rescue leaves are no longer offered.