Barbara Eden, 78, gets back into her I Dream of Jeannie crop-top and harem pantaloons


Have had a crush on her for forty years!:crybaby:
Still beautiful!

She spent five years and 139 episodes starring on sixties sitcom, I Dream of Jeannie.

And Barbara Eden, 78, bravely donned her iconic crop-top and harem pantaloons for the opening ceremony of the 21st Life Ball in Vienna Saturday.

The evergreen TV legend still looked fabulous while baring her impressive midriff in the pink chiffon costume and tiny red velvet bolero.

The former blonde bombshell even made sure to wear her star-making role’s classic braided blonde ponytail wig, scarf hat, and silver kitten heels.

Originally designed by Gwen Wakeling with colors selected by Eden, the Jeannie costume caused controversy with the censors due to the slightly exposed navel.


Barbara Eden, 78, back into her I Dream of Jeannie crop-top and harem pantaloons | Mail Online


I loved Barbara Eden, and her roll as Jeannie! (Who didn’t?) I was so tickled to read about this until this part came up…

Eden then reenacted her classic wish-conjuring arm and head nod, which magically brought out her new ‘Master’ - former US President Bill Clinton.

Why’d they have to go and ruin such a good moment?


I remember watching “How to marry a millionaire” when the tv show was on.