Barr tells Nadler he's 'a real class act' for refusing to take a break

After a day of hearings on Tuesday, Attorney General Barr asked for a five-minute break, but Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler initially refused.

Nadler is a real dingbat. He’s so dumb that the Democrat leadership had to take the impeachment farce away from him because he botched it.

The rest of his cohorts are no different. All they can do is bloviate for a few minutes and deny the Attorney General the right to respond by revoking his time. These people have no respect for the democratic process.

They are the products of our far left education system. They don’t realize it, but they have become like Hitler’s and Stalin’s henchmen. Like the 1920s and ‘30’s, the Brown Shirts and anarchists are in the streets and fermenting a revolution. If their party wins the elections, they will either join it or be swept aside.

No he is not dumb; he is using his position to do as much bullying as he can. He’s little, fat, poorly dressed, and has a waddle that makes him look like a short legged duck. He knows he can bully Mr Barr, because Republicans at least try to keep their decorum, under fire. What Barr should do is declare a recess and just get up and walk out. Thing is this a witch hunt for the media to sink their decaying teeth into, nothing more. Not One democrat on that panel has asked a legitimate question, all they have been doing is spewing nasty rhetoric.

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