Be Truthful, Ask Yourselves, God .. Liberal or Conservative?


I have an opinion but I want to know yours.


Is this question a joke? Find me a conservative who would say God is liberal or a liberal who will say He is conservative.

Answer: Neither


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD - *Isaiah 55:8
If I’m generous, both are flawed attempts to be more Christ-like. Up to you to decide which is the more flawed.


God IS. And through evidence of Natural Law (and, some would say, the Law of Moses/Ten Commandments) he has enabled Man to figure out what Is; and what is Right.

Conservatives believe in adhering to this Natural Law - after all, societies that so do, prosper.

Liberals reject the concept of God. They want to make their god in their own image; and they want no rules, proscriptions, limits or shame attached to their Id-driven behavior. They want to rut like animals and lounge like Masters of the Universe - they want the fruits of hard work without ever turning a shovel; and they’re not shy about mobilizing their god, GOVERNMENT, to loot the productive to pay for their indolence and the consequence of their animalism.

Which behaviors do you think the True God endorses?

   old dog

I had no intention that this was going to be some sort of joke.

Honestly, when I saw how many evangelicals voted for Trump, it brought this question to mind.
A majority of so-called Christians voted for Trump and it made me wonder.

I am sorry if I upset you.


You didn’t upset me at all. I am fascinated that so many “conservatives” define it by their own personal checklist, don’t check all the boxes and that person is automatically a “liberal”. And, of course, all “liberals” are evil godless pond scum. The way JPT and RET, for example, throw around these terms have convinced me that these are just “code words” for US and THEM. I notice that if a Christian votes for Trump he becomes in your eyes a “so-called Christian”. I haven’t seen it from you but it is I am beginning to understand the hatred and venom and calumnious statements about Trump in many posts lately from self proclaimed Christian conservatives. Some of their statements would make Glenn Beck blush. I was not intending in addressing this when I posted to your thread but I guess the “so-called” just crystallized it for me. I will be logging out now and give myself and some on this forum a respite.


I’m pretty sure that God is the ultimate Objectivist.


Guess again.

But, yes - I differentiate between traditional, values-sustaining Americans; and life-denying, history-denying liberals with their craving for moral anarchy - and their contempt for life, for all lives except their own and the lives of criminals.

Being able to differentiate, to DISCRIMINATE if you will, is a mark of sophisticated reasoning. I can look at someone from the modern West and look at a cannibal tribe, and easily decide that one way of life is far better than another.

I can look at Tea Party rallies and I can look at the Occupy Excrement movement, and decide that the former is filled with moral, restrained people trying to communicate their outrage; and the latter filled with drug-impaired, sexually-obsessed, thieving, filthy, violent scum.

It’s really not hard to do. You just have to come to the realization that those who condemn those who make judgments on behaviors, are in fact trying to create cultural anarchy.

Condemn THEM. Free your mind - if you can.


Is someone trying to impose human concepts on God?


All kinds of durpitude up in this topic.


God is God; he doesn’t fit our catagories. I think our catagories can fit Him to one degree or another. I feel that modern conservativism comes a lot closer to Him than modern liberalism.


Yes, I’ll warn anybody not to fall for this trap. That’s like invoking that Jesus is a socialist.