Beer Thread

I like to try–or rather used to–just about any German beer. Generally, the darker the better. However, I later gravitated toward the wiesse (white/wheat) beers. Hacker Pschorr is definitely on this list. If I ever cheat on my diabetic diet, this is a good candidate. I have drank “Salvator Paulener” . I think that there are various flavors under that name.

Rot gut beers like Heinekin, are “scunky” because of the green bottle. A brewmaster knows that light affects beer. Just like OJ or milk. :beerchug: Keep it in the dark and cooooooooooold!!!:cool:

Real beer drinkers drink it at room temp. Or any temp for that matter.:drink3:

I think its a matter personal taste. I dont go for drinking it warm because I find the flavor of either the hops or the malts to be enhanced greatly when its cold. Warm is just a thing of the past because of no refrigeration in the old days. I guess if you drink it warm all the time you get used to it…I’ll go with crisp and cold.:yes:

CL…I love all the different beer styles.:cool: Sometimes im in the mood for a dark chocolate malt style, and sometimes Im in the mood for extra hops, or a light and fruity beer…Its all good. The Salvator did have many different styles. Pilsner to scotch ale styes. Quite fantastic.

Beer should be served cold!
unless ya really gotta have the beer right then…it’s okay to drink one warm while the rest get chilled!

Good things come to those that wait

That was funny!!!

I dont like that particular stout though. It tastes scunky compared to a local freash stout. Saranac or The Shipyard are 10 times the stout.:yes:

Haven’t had either of the two. If I see 'em, I’ll try them.

Ipswich Oatmeal stout.

Rouge Stout (or anything by rouge)

I even like the Sam Adams Cream stout if its fresh. Sam Adams has gone down hill quite a bit. When they first came out with the Scotch Ale it was my favorite beer. The smoked malts were amazing!!! Now it tastes like a waterd down ale.:no:

Tonight I will break my dry spell…I think it’s been about seven weeks. Time flies when you got a newborn, I can’t believe Monday she is going to be 4 weeks old. I’ll celebrate to that.:beerchug:

excellent TO…cheers to ya! :beerchug: I’m actually drinkin my first cold one now!!:cool:

Amstel light is not a bad beer to chill with. Light but tasty.

We’re very limited down here (Miami) as far as specialty beers.

ya when we were younger my father had like beer making parties. it was cool he stoppped a couple a years ago when my uncle called up and said dont touch the bottles in the basment… they were deadly too much yeast makes too much CO2 and too much pressure makes boom but all in all it was great


I have still yet to drink this beer in that there bottle. Sitting next to me in a keg right now.:beerchug:[/QUOTE]

Update: I’ve still yet to drink this beer ihn that there bottle. Maybe one day…

The best beer in the World?

I’ll vote Guiness.

*This photo was fotoshopped…not a drop of Guiness was harmed during the making of this artwork.

Can’t argue with you there, Frankly.

[QUOTE=TheOperative]I know jmack makes his own beer sometimes, anyone else have experience making beer?

Ive never made my own, but Ive recycled enough of it!

Not sure I’m too keen on the recycling part… I always thought beer was a one use product.:vomit-smi

[QUOTE=Frankly2]The best beer in the World?

I’ll vote Guiness.

*This photo was fotoshopped…not a drop of Guiness was harmed during the making of this artwork.[/QUOTE]

guiness:drink3: :vomit-smi :sick:

OK Windy. What beer do you drink ?.