Before being fired, Comey told Congress that Russian probe targets didn't include ,,,


Before being fired, Comey told Congress that Russian probe targets didn’t include Trump

“Shortly after Director Comey briefed us, I tweeted that he should be transparent. I said he should tell the public what he told Senator Feinstein and me about whether the FBI is or is not investigating the President,” said Grassley.

“On Tuesday, the President’s letter said that Director Comey told him he was not under investigation. Senator Feinstein and I heard nothing that contradicted the President’s statement.”

His statement was backed up by his Democratic counterpart on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Dianne Feinstein (D- CA).

James Comey told Congressional officials that Trump isn’t a Russian probe target. | Circa News - Learn. Think. Do.


Perhaps Comey SHOULD have been fired on January 20th, but protocols wouldn’t permit it. At that time, there was no AG. Shortly afterwards, the Deputy AG was fired for telling other Federal Attorneys to “NOT defend President Trump’s travel ban”–even though it was plainly and absolutely constitutional for him to issue it. Meanwhile, try to remember that the FBI Director reports DIRECTLY to the DEPUTY AG…not the AG himself, and, by then, Sessions had already foolishly recused himself from having anything to do with the so-called “Russian Investigation,” so HE couldn’t fire Comey without that charge that he WAS interfering despite his recusal. The new Deputy AG didn’t come on board until a bit over a week ago and HE and Sessions requested a meeting with the President where they told him that, in their opinions, Comey needed to be fired. It doesn’t MATTER why they thought so. Hell, even DEMOCRATS wanted him out right after the election and begged Obama to fire him. It’s a dead-bang certainty that, had Hillary won, he would have been fired on November 8th. The President asked them to put their concerns in writing and when he got 'em, he fired Comey. Good riddance!


Agreed, to have fired Comedy upon taking office IMO would have looked VERY BAD, I think he did the right things and to the correct action. What he should NOT have done was openly say that he intended to fire him to begin with, let the letters from the AG and FBI be the driving docs and added to his conclusion.

Trump is not very tactful and some of his problems can be attributed to that…having said that, for a guy who has owned, started and run companies that made him a Billionaire tact is NOT a requirement, but hard driving, forceful decisions are. His tolerance for slow moving political churn is low and he says so. That is who he is and I would BET, G Washington, Jefferson and most of those that walked into the office of POTUS were exactly the same way, back in the day when it was SUCCESSFUL Businessmen that held office, today is just political hacks in most cases. Our last non hack was Reagan, the rest just figure heads for the machine…

Looking ahead: History will will put Reagan and Trump at the top of the list, Carter, GW Bush, Klinton and Obama at the bottom.


Dimms/Media were going to complain and make unsubstantiated charges no matter when he fired Comey. They are attempting to neutralize last November’s election and Trump does not have the self control not to tweet conflicting messages on a daily basis. He and his surrogates should have let the memos recommending Comey’s firing stand along with Trump’s original explanation that he agreed with the AG/Asst AG recommendation. End of story, full stop.

Instead, Trump almost immediately begins responding and changing the original narrative and all hell breaks loose with predictably media raising all kinds of speculation. Now we have Trump talking about taped conversations as the Dimms raise the phony specter of Nixon/Watergate tapes. Everyday Trump does precisely that which provides an on-going narrative for media/Democrats. It’s crazy.

In the meantime, not a word about the good economic news, heath care bill, tax cuts/reform. Democrats and their handmaidens, media, are largely in control of the narrative being directed toward the public.

The daily press briefings are nothing more than an outgunned Spicer attempting to explain/defend Trump’s latest tweets to a room full of Democrats intent on grilling him about BS and printing speculation/innuendo backed by no evidence.

There may come a time when the public begins to get fatigued by all the BS swirling around this administration. Trump and his people had best get a handle on the messaging, which up to now, has been by far the worst I have ever seen.

I suggest Trump be fitted for a Hannibal Lecter face mask and that he be handcuffed in an effort to keep him focused on what he was sent to Washington to do.

The right message/policies, up to now the wrong messenger - IMO. Tact/political savvy is not everything, but it isn’t nothing either.

Finally, our Repub congress is disappointing, to say the least. Trump works furiously to act on his campaign promises and we witness absolutely no sense of urgency by the Repubs in congress. It would be helpful for these punks to get something done - if for no other reason than to change the narrative/focus coming out of Washington. Instead, these Repubs seem not to be on the same page and working a schedule of two weeks on, two weeks off.

No wonder Trump is frustrated and pissed. He’s pretty much on his own.


I am going to guess that most of the Trump voters do not tune into the mainstream media…


The so-called “mainstream media” has ALWAYS been in control of the narrative, Doc. NOTHING has changed in that regard, regardless of who sits in the White House. The media get their marching orders directly from the DNC…or their “shadow government”…and BOTH groups are globalists who brook NO interference from those of us who still believe in a sovereign U.S.A. This started decades ago. With the rise of the USSR, our press corps literally LOVED and ADMIRED them. They refused steadfastly to report on the atrocities of the Stalin era and the murder of millions. Why? Because they AGREED with what he did. The Russians were so filled with feelings of inferiority that they began propagandizing about how it was a Russian who invented the automobile, telephone, electric lights…even BASEBALL! They claimed that Moscow was a city of over 8 MILLION, when, after satellite imagery became available, it was painfully obvious that, at most, the rail, river and road networks into and out of Moscow were sufficient to support a population of around 800K to 1 million with food and fiber. It was well-known that Soviet citizens would often have to wait hours in line just for the “privilege” of buying a pound of pork or a loaf of bread. None of that got reported by OUR so-called “media” until the advent of the conservative media and the internet. The term “Uncle Joe”, referring to Stalin, was a construct of OUR media! The media was generally against our entry into the looming WW II UNTIL Hitler turned his face East towards the USSR–then they couldn’t encourage our involvement vehemently enough. In short, the media has always been far-left, which is one reason why they showed such hate towards HUAC and Senator McCarthy, both of whom were EXPOSING the communists who’d infiltrated our State Departments and Department of Defense. I exempt NO ONE from this conspiracy. Not Edward R. Murrow and ESPECIALLY Walter Cronkite!


**The Terrible Truth About Walter Cronkite **

The Terrible Truth About Walter Cronkite


X 2

One thing that puzzles me is why/how does the far left communists socialist keep hanging on to an ideology that has failed repeatedly. I may not be smart, but I am smart enough to know that repeating the same thing over and over again that has failed each time tells you you need a different approach.

Maybe the difference is the liberal mindset is based upon and education level that never leads to rubber meeting the road. The rest of us are perhaps a bit dumb and lazy…you look for the simplest approach and if that does not work you try another approach.


The point I would make is this: If Trump continues with the reflexive, impulsive, crazy-ass comments he risks losing a number of Republicans who might step back from him in fear of losing their seats. If that happens, Trump’s agenda is out the window along with the job we sent him to Washington to do.

Another thing: Is there nothing Trump and his team can roll out and be on the same page before and while doing it? ME travel restriction - not even his team was prepared for the announcement. Health care bill - terrible first try - seems no one knew how to count heads in the House. Comey firing - reportedly his communications team had a 1 hour notice - consequently they were unprepared. An announcement like that needs some prep, like when is it advantageous to announce it and making sure the admin team is on board with a consistent message as to why he was being let go. Trump’s memo about the firing was a disaster and his comments about the possibility of tapes when he met with Comey was made on the heels of the Dems likening the firing to the Watergate cover-up. Hell, FOX reported that no one on Trump’s team, including Trump, knew Comey was in LA to give a speech. That simply is not professional.

I mean, for god’s sake, try to appear as though you are at least competent. I understand Trump is from the business world and is used to moving fast, but his thin-skinned impulsiveness and lack of communication/coordination with his staff is troublesome.


If you get an opportunity, watch Judge Janine Pirro’s show from Saturday. He was RIGHT when he said that if his press briefers get the smallest detail wrong, the press jumps on it like a duck on a junebug and then crow that his staff is in chaos. Frankly, I think the briefers should come out, read what’s going on and then leave–taking NO questions, most of which are “gotcha” questions anyway and don’t edify anyone.


I think a LOT of what we are seeing is Trump on the offense against a very large and well oiled far left machine. They are a conspiracy by any definition and in fact they have a written plan which is funded by Soros. (I have posted links to it twice on here in recent days).

Should Trump be the one doing battle??? Dunno, but NO POTUS (I do not believe) has ever had this level of HATE aimed at him from what he eats to his grandson. There is NOTHING off the table in their attacks. It makes us look like some 2 bit small country that is fending off a coup by its radicals.

Should he stay mum or be in the fight? What we know is that he has always been in the fight, that is how he has done it and been successful, not saying its right or wrong, just dunno.

What I wish: Less Twitter time and more “fireside chat” to the American people. If he did that I think and feel he would turn the tide. I don’t think that many are active twitter, I know I am not maybe a couple of dozen tweets over the years I have been on.


170, I’m not urging him to be mum in the face of the media/Dem onslaught - only that he be smart. To this point he seems incapable, at least unwilling, to think through what he says/tweets. What I find most troubling is that we observed this same Trump - reflexive/thoughtless/lashing out/impulsive Trump - during the Republican nomination process. He had trouble then staying on message and he has trouble now.

I find this terribly sad - he is right on virtually every issue, but he continually arms Dems/media to such an extent they find it easy to drown out his message with BS. The threat he made to Comey regarding the possibility of having their conversations on tape is a case in point. Dems will harp on that for weeks, if not months and compare it to Watergate. You can bet, at some point in all these phony Russian connection hearings some of his staff will be subpoenaed to determine if tapes exist - my guess is they do not.

Trump and his people must work to move the conversation to tax reform, replacement of Obamacare, immigration enforcement. Time spent defending his tweets and moronic statements is time NOT spent on his agenda.

I think your idea of fireside chats by Trump is a good idea. I would further recommend that briefings be conducted perhaps 3 times per week instead of 5- with one day of daily briefing limited to the economy/economic news. Good news on jobs, wage growth is not being discussed at all.


I know that, was not implying that…just dunno if him fighting back is a good idea, don’t really think so, but until he delivers his msg to the American people (which are NOT all twiter users or folks that care) I am afraid he is going to start slipping badly.

Prob is a lack of focus by him and I am starting to believe his staff. I would get him on TV at at about 7:30 CST about 1x month or more where he would give a status report on the things you mentioned, where we are at, were we are going and challenges and successes. He has a GREAT story, thing are booming, jobs, the economy etc, but not many know it…