Ben Carson Falls From Frontrunner Status In a New National Poll


**Trump garnered 27 percent support, while Sen. **Marco Rubio took 17 percent and Sen. Ted Cruz earned 16 percent. All other GOP candidates earned 5 percent or less. Carson had been neck-and-neck for the lead with the real estate mogul in early November.
Ben Carson Falls From Frontrunner Status In a New National Poll - ABC News

I suspect in the end these are the big three and either Rubio or Cruz will bow out and ask their supporters to support the other candidate so it’ll be a Rubio/Cruz or Cruz/Rubio ticket which is a pretty tough ticket for Clinton to beat either way.


You didn’t provide a link, but is the poll saying that Carson dropped from “frontrunner status” to 5 percent or less in just one month? If so, that’s an astonishing drop.


Whose poll (not that it matters that much yet)?


Carson is being savaged by the left for being a house ni++er and the right is hesitant to elect another black man after seeing what has been going on with the upswing of violence and demands of some blacks. I am sure no one wants to see even more mayhem.

Carson also lacks the fire to effect a good leader. We need someone to undo obama’s reign and put us back on track to a good economy and a nation that is respected.


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Looks like it will be Trump leading the Republicans in a 2016 election, which I believe he will lose to Clinton. I hope when others fall out of the race that Rubio can take the lead away from him. According to Fox, Trumps support is also the strongest, so those who say they will vote for him are not wavering.

Carson has dropped since foreign affairs, policy and the latest and real threat of terrorism are taking front stage. This will create a tough environment for a more cerebral candidate.


Yes but it’s not enough to win the nomination if it all comes down to two candidates. I’m pretty certain either Cruz or Rubio will win with the support of the other.


He didn’t, he is at 16% in this new poll. Entire poll is here:

One interesting question is the percent of supporters who are committed as opposed to “might change”:

Trump 46%
Cruz 33%
Carson 26%
Rubio 23%

Trump seems to have a lot more dedicated supporters at this point.

Also interesting in this poll, Clinton and Sanders beat all the Republicans in a head to head general election campaign. Go figure, a criminal and a socialist are on top. Wake up America. Quinnipiac is a very respected polling group.


Jeb Bush on Trump foreign policy when he was on Fox radio “Kilmeade and Friends”

On who is best equipped to handle foreign policy in the White House

BUSH: People are going to want to know who is going to sit behind the big desk. Who has the ability to make tough decisions? Who has the steady hand? Whether it’s Hillary Clinton who has a failed foreign policy or Donald Trump who is not a serious candidate as it relates to foreign policy. He doesn’t have the intellectual curiosity. He basically takes all incoming from blogs or wherever else he gets it and just repeats it out. His views on Syria have changed four times in the last month and a half. It is not a serious candidacy. He is an effective politician for sure but he is not giving the people a sense that he can be commander-in-chief, be president of the united states, as it relates to a serious foreign policy. As we get closer to the election people will be more focused on who has the leadership skills to actually be president.


He doesn’t have the intellectual curiosity. He basically takes all incoming from blogs or wherever else he gets it and just repeats it out.

Nailed it.


If Jeb is correct then we should see a surge in Lindsey Grahams’s numbers soon; he is strongest on defense, national security and foreign policy. :banana:


So in other words Bush has nothing to offer except criticism.



He is offering about as much as Trump quite honestly.


You children hang you hats on polls and where do polls sample from? Just remember the loudest drum is the drum that is heard.
Go back and look that the poll numbers from 2008 and 2012 and then see who was winning the primaries.
I sometimes wonder if this new batch of posters really know what they are talking about.


That’s very worrisome news. We need to remember that demographics are inexorably getting worse for conservatives - that is, if conservatives make little effort to seek support among women and Hispanics. Conservatism’s appeal on a NATIONAL level is fast fading; new thinking is needed and quickly.


There you go again, enough with the polls, the demographics are in a very small pool. LORD! you are so gullible.


Absolutely. Just a few days ago, every one of the top 4 beats Clinton.
Polls don’t mean squat, until election day.