Ben Carson surges past Donald Trump into GOP lead in latest national poll


Ben Carson surges past Donald Trump into GOP lead in latest national poll | Fox News

Trump has come out with his immediate response that “Carson can’t do the job”.

Of course, when asked how he could do the job better he responded “I will be the best president ever. I will be such a good president that your head will spin!” (sarcasm, he didn’t say that in response to that question, though if asked I imagine he would respond in a similar fashion…)


NBC news, who is pissed at Trump and is now pissed at the RNC for cancelling a debate.

Think this biased push poll is an accident?


Trump has stated his positions and being no fool will not give ammunition to the GOP nor democrats to poke sticks at him. As for Carson, there is an agenda and even Fox is working to get their guy elected which is Bush.


Trump’s star is fading. The American people are not fools.


Yep. And the obedient news agents - who could be more transparent if they tried - glob on to this “exciting” so-called “news” as if it was the Second Coming.
How long, ya figure, before some “explosive news” regarding Carson comes crawling out from under the woodwork?

That’s sad, really. Of all the candidates, Carson is the one least deserving of a smear campaign. It might not stick - the one about his childhood temper didn’t - (oh, if he wasn’t smart to bring that out, himself), but it’s still gotta hurt to a degree.


Polls, Polls, Polls
I found no internals listed, not a surprise since the result is favorable to those reporting this “news”.

I also saw that Bush “restarted” his campaign again last week, this was gleefully reported as well; i am sure the 6th time is a charm.

If this “slipping” keeps happening Trump might have to actually spend some money on advertising.