Benghazi chickens come home to roost


I doubt if it will do much good, but it seems like the hag of state and BO are gonna get clobbered over their lies.

» Benghazi Chickens » Fresh Ink – GOPUSAand here’s more on persecution of the whistleblowers:

» Malkin: Operation Smear Benghazi Whistleblowers » Commentary – GOPUSA


They’ll dump it all on Hildebeast. Barry O won’t be touched.

IF I’m proven wrong, I’ll gladly admit I was wrong.


Well, at least it will knock her out of the box for 2016. BO will get his…eventually.


I wonder if Chelsea will run in her place then?


I saw an image on Facebook that said something like: “Hillary for prison 2016.”


[quote=“JStang, post:2, topic:39390”]
They’ll dump it all on Hildebeast.


It seems that Chelsea keeps a low-profile–unlike her parents. Perhaps she’s the only one with any kind of moral compass.