Benghazi, IRS, AP scandals -- will buck ever stop with Obama?


The first question for White House spokesman Jay Carney at Tuesday’s press briefing went right to the heart of the growing crisis facing President Obama:
In the matters of the Benghazi terror attack, the IRS targeting conservative groups, the Justice Department going after AP phone records, “…doesn’t responsibility for setting tone, setting direction ultimately rest with the president?”

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As usual the president is denying that anything is his fault. We have heard that somehow Bush is responsible or the republicans must have done something.The White House has been dancing around the questions and even the media has been taking notice that the administration is behind these scandals.


I think that the press has no problem publically complaining about the communist 0bama administration violating their own 1st Amendment rights while being silent about it happening to others. However, I think that they will stop short of laying blame on their messiah.


From the OP article:

Just months into his final four years in office, President Obama is facing a credibility crisis, one that threatens his fundamental abilities to govern.

Mr. Schoen seems to be under some strange illusion that Obama ever did have any credibility, or ever ‘governed’ for one minute in his entire political life.
That guy couldn’t decide between putting in his left leg or right leg first when pulling on his skirt if his life depended on it.

He’s also never taken responsibility, nor been held accountable, for anything before, so thinking he will be now teeters on the brink of delusional.


IRS Thugs, Intimidation of the Associated Press and the Benghazi Boondoggle - No one in the administration knows anything - not Obama, not Hillary and not Holder. Hell, the political hacks appointed to run the most important pillars of our government - they are all standing around scratching their heads and asses (sorry for the redundancy) as well. Befuddlement, bewilderment and surprise abounds - or so the American people are supposed to believe. Of course, Obama will get to the bottom of all this - he will charge his trusty legal eagle, Eric Holder, to investigate (or to withhold documents/information- whichever the administration thinks is most advantageous).

As I have said time and time again on this site - Obama and his administration is the most dangerous we have ever seen. What we are witnessing is EXACTLY what I had in mind.

Bottom line: Either this is the most deaf, dumb and blind administration we have ever witnessed (INCOMPETENT) - OR - it is the most corrupt. And, yes, it is likely both.

Either way, they are not fit to lead - IMHO.


I must admit, I am not the tiniest bit sad to see the IRS get into trouble. They’ve had it coming for so long.


[quote=“Robert_Clay, post:5, topic:39468”]
I must admit, I am not the tiniest bit sad to see the IRS get into trouble. They’ve had it coming for so long.
And THAT is exactly what this administration is counting on to get them out of hot water for causing the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi, (which I believe was to cover up for an illegal arms deal.)

The inert voters: “Ben who?”

White House: “Ah, let’s give 'em something they can relate to.”

The same inert voters: “I HATE the IRS!” “And now OUR HERO is going to do something about them!”

Besides which, nitwit ‘talking heads’ have already come out stating that they think it’s great the the IRS went after “those racist Tea Party people.”

And if you think the strongest arm of the government is actually going to get into any kind of real trouble, I’ve got some carbon credits to sell you.