Benghazi - They Got Away With It


One has to go out of his/her way not to notice that we lost an embassy/consulate and 4 lives in Benghazi, Libya due to a lack of proper security, pleas for increased security falling on deaf ears and a failure to respond to cries for help during the attack itself, Then there is the ensuing lies/cover-up, followed by a complete lack of accountability that has included who will probably be the next President of the United States and who presided over the State Department, Hillary Clinton, yet to come forward to be questioned and a POTUS, BO, who will never be asked for an explanation for his administration’s gross negligence. Somehow, there is only one news outlet even remotely interested in what can only be described as an incredible lack of competence - it is a non-event for ABC, CBS and NBC. In short, Obama and Hillary Clinton got away unscathed by this debacle.

The fact that BO was reelected against this backdrop indicates Benghazi is viewed as a non-event by our electorate as well. And then there is the economy.

America - an exceptional country? I don’t think so - not any longer!!


Benghazi was a clusterf**k, and the lesson should be how to identify and not repeat mistakes going forward. I’m not sure what beating the political drums really does for our ability to fight terror.


Incompetence without accountability is not my idea of a sound policy position. Lack of accountability leads to such clusters as Benghazi and the so called “fiscal cliff”.

You seem to be saying that we need to view this debacle that cost 4 lives as a learning experience for our leadership so in the future they will know that perhaps they should not witness repeated attacks on an outpost and then respond by virtually eliminating any meaningful level of security and ignore pleas for help by our people under attack? Fighting terrorism? What terrorism? Benghazi occurred as a result of the unpreditable actions of a “flash mob” reacting to an internet video (sarc). Sorry, JH - I couldn’t disagree more!!

In my line of work I would have been unceramoniously escorted from the OR - and rightly so - had I performed anywhere close to this level of callous incompetense. No firings here - as we are learning - and after media sources finish massaging her image Hillary will stand a good chance of running for POTUS (currently leading in the polls). Where’s the accountability? We have a government where one’s level of performance means very little,


Jazz, Benghazi is that and more. It is the ability of an administration to cover up any and all incompetancies, screwups, and blatant illegal activities, by just stonewalling and allowing the liberal media to bury it under piles of bullsh8t.
How convenient, the main character in this travesty, first has a “terrible” cold, can’t testify; 'Terrible" fall as a result of the “terrible” cold, can’t testify; has a "terrible " ???Blood Clot??? as a result of the “Terrible” fall, as a result of the “terrible” cold, in the brain, can’t testify. -------------------just think Vince Foster. This lady is accountable for nothing, as is her boss.
And the Benghazi 4 died in vain


Next Hillary will be abducted by aliens. But would that really be a bad thing? :rofl:


Obama’s arrogant, in your face, attitude comes from his knowing the Republicans lack the balls to do anything other than whine about it.


NJC - thanks for your illuminating and succinct recounting of Hillary’s winter of perpetual medical misfortune. I would also remind folk that she skipped the country soon after the boondogle in Benghazi and was able to avoid questions by virtue of her presence being “required” over seas. I guess some two-bit leaders in Europe were short on dinner partners. What I find VERY disappointing is that people actually give her and BO a pass on all of it.

Will amnesia be next??


Mike, that’s where the “blood Clot” comes in. bet she even forgets who Bill is.


[quote=“njc17, post:8, topic:37654”]
Mike, that’s where the “blood Clot” comes in. bet she even forgets who Bill is.
[/quote]I bet she wishes she could forget Bill, he readily forgets her when he sees a skirt.


Perhaps he wouldn’t have to do that if his wife didn’t have bigger nads than him.


[quote=“Conservative_Libertarian, post:10, topic:37654”]
Perhaps he wouldn’t have to do that if his wife didn’t have bigger nads than him.
[/quote]Oh I ain’t going there:rofl:


It’s the simple truth.


That, and a complicite media. (Whose latest excuse, btw, is to say that if they didn’t kiss O’s butt, they wouldn’t have a job at all. As if that somehow justifies their complicity. No, I don’t believe that excuse.)

(see above)

Will amnesia be next??

Amnesia worked well throughout her husband’s impeachment hearings, so it not a stretch to think it’d work just as well regarding Benghazi.

Heard someone on television call it “A Concussion of Convenience.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.


It’s hard to believe that the Benghazi fiasco has been swept under the rug, but apparently that is the reality right now . . . a “tribute” (albeit twisted) to BHO’s political skill and the idiocy of the unwashed masses. If a Hollywood screenwriter would have made up a scenario like this, the logical and expected conclusion of the movie would be the impeachment of the President.

And attempts to resurrect this are portrayed by the MSM as the ravings of the lunatic fringe. So, I have little hope that this criminal behavior will ever be scrutinized again.

Nevertheless, there is always the slight chance that a whistleblower, or someone with a conscience (NOT a person in this administration), will come out with something that even BHO can’t dodge. Unlikely, but possible . . . or at least I hope so. The more people involved in a coverup, the greater the chance of exposure. A slim hope, but that’s all we have right now.

Plus there is another consideration. In dodging this bullet, BHO may have become over-confident, and be emboldened to over-reach and repeat the behavior. Perhaps he’ll get nailed one of these times.



Perhaps he’ll get nailed one of these times.

Like Clinton did?

Apologies for the cycism, but history has proved out as a warning to be very cautious about such high hopes.


[quote=“2cent, post:15, topic:37654”]
about such high hopes.
[/quote]Never said “high hopes. That’s why I said “I have little hope”, and “Unlikely, but possible”, and " A slim hope”.

Nevertheless, let me make it clear again . . . the hope is not high, it is slim.

Am an optimist by nature . . . would rather be right some of the time than be a pessimist and be right all of the time.

But, being a pragmatist too, it is indeed UNLIKELY, as I said.


I understood what you meant, ObamaNot.


I am hopeful that the truth will out. I expect it will because the matter continues to fly under the media radar, but fly nonetheless. The conservative press will keep it alive until someone within the mainstream media says, what’s up with that, anyway?

For Jazz’ edification, there are two aspects to the tragedy.

  1. The general level of incompetence within the Obama administration, nowhere better observed than within the area of foreign affairs. For instance, we now have a policy of bombing our enemies, via drone attack, including some American citizens whom I’m pretty sure are supposed to enjoy some sort of constitutional protection against their government assassinating them without recourse to due process, and it is all being done within the territories of foreign nations we are at peace with, if not outright calling them allies. We lack intelligence on terrorist operations because we have a policy of killing them over the prospect of capturing them. And the only reason we have that policy is the Obama administration’s inability to formulate a defense for their capture and indefinite detention. John Yoo call your office.

Establishing a mission in Libya was not reflective of the facts upon the ground within Libya, but rather the desire of the Obama administration to present a wishful narrative as fact. The administration knew that Libya, in particular Benghazi, was not a place to ensconce diplomats absent a Marine detachment, “locked and loaded”. One might consider it Obama’s “Mission Accomplished” moment. Except, no one in the media will. While considerable doubt exists as to exactly what might have conceivably been accomplished by such a mission, there seems little doubt that it was authorized by an Obama State Department more interested in perception than actual reality on the ground within Libya. Everything normal here, beaches to re-open by Friday!

  1. What will end up being the larger issue, larger than the amateurish incompetence of the Obama administration, is the cover up. We should not forget that, until the cover up, Watergate was nothing more than a “third rate burglary”. At high levels of government, it is never the crime that kills; it’s always the cover up. It’s probably crass to ascribe Madame Clinton’s concussion, and its resultant complications, as being part of that cover up, if for no other reason than carrying off such a subterfuge would be evidence of a level of sophistication and competence not as yet seen in any operation conducted by the Obama administration. That being said, prior to the accident, she was remarkably unavailable given the circumstances. And while I’ve no love lost for the Clintons, I expect that absence was a matter of mutual convenience. Madame Clinton wishes to depart the State Department, and the Obama administration, with her escutcheon untarnished. Testifying before a Senate subcommittee holds no terrors for her. If it is true that the Clintons are not exactly on the best of terms with President Obama, nor ever have been, it is also likely to be highly true that Madame Clinton has no intention of lying for the administration, let alone perjuring herself. That ain’t gonna happen, because in the Clinton world Obama, and his holding office, is an aberration and certainly not a harbinger of the future of the Democrat party and its pursuit of the presidency. That calls for a “Road Trip!”, and that’s exactly what happened. If the accident had not happened, Madame Clinton would have found other pressing matters of state that warranted her prolonged absence from Washington. That she would give the president. Once out of Foggy Bottom though, the prospects for the future look more murky. The Clintons feel no great affection or loyalty for Obama and it would surprise me very little were she to throw the president under the bus at some future date. The Clintons are seasoned veterans of hardball politics and they know that revenge only requires patience and a long memory. President Obama will not be the first president to win re-election only to see matters thought trivial re-arise to his torment. The only lesson to learn, aside from Item 1 above, is the same ole one that never gets learned; “it’s not the crime, it’s always the cover up”.


Anything with the Clinton stamp on it will never see the light of day. never has. The Clintons lead a charmed live. They seem to have their own private mafia. again [as I said before] witness the Vince Foster fiasco.


njc17, exactly my point…there ain’t gonna be a “Clinton” stamp on it, it’ll be all Obama.