Benign Neglect of Opioids Smacks of Racism


While I usually am not one to scream “racism” I detect a note of treating opioid abusers as victims. SeeOpioid Addiction: Signs & Treatment.Crack users, perceived to usually be people of minority races, are perceived very differently. I think that doctors that feed addictions should be treated as pushers. People who need pain relief should be able to get it without a “five pill” restriction. But time to call doctors to task, criminally, for running pain reliever mills.

This may make politically powerful drug makers unhappy. SeePolitics of pain: Drugmakers fought state opioid limits amid crisis. But treating white students from Appalachia different from minorities in the ghettos is deadly as well as morally wrong.

And this post justifies my description as a “left-wing Democrat.”


I am on an opioid for pain; it’s the only thing I’ve tried that will make me functional. But the prescription is limited to 6 pills per day. I take 4. I could probably stand to take 6, I still have quite a bit of pain, but I can’t remember to take it at an opportune time (at least 6 hours between a two-pill dose), and I can tolerate the pain. But they recently changed the rules on the prescription, so that I can only get one month’s supply at a time. Makes for an occasional special 40-mile round-trip to the pharmacist. And that one-month supply is based on what I am taking, not the max that I could take. I was able to experiment a bit when I first went on to get the best dosage (of course, within the guidelines of no more than 6 a day, 4 hours between 1-pill doses and 6 between 2-pill doses). 4 a day is the most I’ve ever taken.


When the dose is matched to the pain addiction does not occur. I have on some extreme opioids for pain and I got nothing but pain relief out of it. I am sure if they had dripped or injected more that I needed I could have become addicted (?) but this was no fell good time I can assure you.

As for treating whites different from blacks, I have some doubts on that. All that does is play into the far left narrative that all white are racists and I think that is pure fabrication (LIE).

The addiction rate to drugs in the US among those who live off the largesse of the taxpayer is extremely high. But then when all your needs in life are provided and you have little or no responsibility, then drugs become the fuel of choice for the idle hands.

Having said that, the root of the problem [and its only a problem depending upon your view] lies in the Federal/State govts and the Dims free programs. From the view of the Dims addiction is a GREAT thing. So good in fact that we have clincs setup everywhere in these areas to give them drugs if they cannot afford or get any…WTH you say!!!

Uncle Sam’s plantation is full of drug addicts and its exactly what the govt wants…drugs in xchange for a vote. I contend if there is any racism its where it has ALWAYS been and that is in the Democratic party which has co-opted 98 million votes that way…