Berkeley Councilman Proposes Email Tax To Fund Postal Service


Berkeley Councilman Proposes Email Tax To Fund Postal Service
March 7, 2013 11:11 PM

BERKELEY (CBS SF) – A Berkeley city councilman has suggested that a tax on email may be wise way to help fund the United States Postal Service, according to the blog Berkeleyside.

District 8 Supervisor Gordon Wozniak, who represents an area that includes the Claremont Hotel and the eastern end of the UC Berkeley campus, made the comments Tuesday as city officials moved to halt the sale of a Post Office building on Allston Way due to a decline in business.

This is a Berserkeley City Council member, not a Congress Critter. And this stupid idea - no government service is involved in the delivery of e-mails, nor is there revenue directly generated by that delivery - seems to be a proposal to fund a particular local PO, not the entire system. Regardless, this is a bureaucracy-bloating, freedom-infringing bit of stupidity that needs to be killed off before less insane government entities pick up on it!


Berkeley. Enough said.


[quote=“PeteS_in_CA, post:1, topic:38585”]
government entities pick up on it!
[/quote]Sorry, Pete. While I don’t disagree that other areas of the country do indeed harbor wacko government entities (somewhere in the Northeast there is probably a likely candidate), The Republic of California is the center of the lunatic fringe universe, and it is most probable that some “insane government entity” in your own backyard will pick up on this.

Again, I don’t disagree that ALL areas of the country need to be watchful for the spread of this idiocy, but I DO think somewhere else in California is the most likely place it will happen.


I wish I could say I’m surprised that someone would even suggest this, but I recognize the reality we live in. Nothing amazes me anymore.


So many people are so anxious to kill the goose that laid the golden egg.


… it is most probable that some “insane government entity” in your own backyard will pick up on this.

Berserkeley is in my backyard. And I’m sure there are City Duds and County Stuporvisors in SF, Oakland, Santa Cruz, Marin and the Land of LA (for starters) who are wishing they thought of this. Seems to me, though, that even relatively red states like AZ and TX have significant pockets of insanity. Austin and Houston are not highly regarded, I think, in much of the rest of TX. And I’ve heard the Mayors and Police Chief of Phoenix are “interesting”. Whether CA exports or domestically grown, no state is without its its own idiot pols. But my point is that if this “brilliant” idea can get squashed at the outset, even in Berserkeley, that squashing could head off the same stupidity being inflicted both elsewhere in CA and in other states. Folks from other states and cities letting the Berserkeley City Duds and Hotels know they would avoid staying in Berserkeley because of this stupidity (if it is passed) might even get through the Berserkeley City Duds’ idiocy-thickened and -hardened skulls ($$ sometimes penetrates ideological armor).


Susanna, the Berserkeley City Duds are at the stage of arguing how best to cook the golden-egg-laying goose they’ve killed.