Bernie Supporters Love the Idea of Socialism


Nearly 7 million Americans have already cast a primary ballot for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary, hoping, in part, that the self-professed socialist would make their lives easier with programs like near-universal healthcare and free college for all students.
The only catch is that they want someone else to foot the bill for everything.

Bernie Supporters Love the Idea of Socialism in the US – But How Much Will They Pay for It?

There is very little that is free and each year the government finds ways to impose costs on things we take for granted. Those who feel that “free” programs come with no cost seem to ignore that while they may not pay a direct bill for it there is someone even themselves paying for it now or in the future.

Sanders is promising much that like most communists who want to be leaders do not embrace themselves while they live in luxury while the “common” people are subjected to mediocrity and oversight with authorities watching their every move.


The sweet song of socialism will always win the opening hand and Americans have been assaulted with “free” on a daily basis since WWII. Pick up any advertisement or just watch TV and listen and count the times you hear the word “free” and every time I hear it I cringe as I business owner and operator since the 60’s I know there is no free. Sure if you buy two I will give you one, but that one is not free even if I say it is, because it cost me and if you buy two I have enough profit to absorb the one I am giving you.

Sadly the way we are going to learn in America the truth about socialism is when we experience it and experience it we shall.

There is no better way outside of leg irons to enslave a people than socialism. It has arrived in the US and in fact has been Govt sponsored and promulgated by law since 1964 with the Civil Rights Act. The immigrants that came here in the 20th century came for opportunity, todays immigrants come for the free lunch.

Modern day socialism is the product of not taking Micro/Macro Economics in college. Its predicated upon the theory of circular economics. The larger the Federal govt is the stronger the economy. Want to make the economy better then just hire more people. Pay them and the money comes back to the govt as taxes on goods and services. Since the govt does not produce a product or profit then what it has to do is take over manufacturing and finance markets and now their profit goes to the govt. This was Eisenhower’s fear and he called it the military-industrial complex. This was what Germany was based upon under Hitler. While our mil-indus complex is not the size of Germany, our govt growth and control over markets has grown to the point all but the smallest of businesses are free from the regulations of socialism…EPA has more power than ANY agency in our govt today.


People fall for that free stuff all the time. One of my hobbies is looking up merchandise offered on TV in which you buy one and get one free and you pay for shipping. I have found that all of them I have looked at are nothing but scams. You may get the product or not, it never lives up to the claims made, some of the merchandise breaks the first time you use it, and the outfit saddles you with costs that they heap on that you do not want. Customer service is nonexistent or is done in such away you will get no satisfaction. One giant scam. I was looking at one last night claiming a fry pan would do certain things and it was shown that they had marketed the same pan under another name before.

The wife bought one of those collapsible garden hoses once and it broke almost immediately.


LOL, YEP you described Socialism to a T…


It’s economic illiteracy. USED to be, we’d teach the basics of the American system, basics of economy, basics of human drives, and basics of world history, including the history of nations that went socialist…to our kids in high schools. That’s done away with today; as the Left controls the government schools and has replaced instruction with propagandizing with untruths.

This is the result. It’s like a cancer, and in our case I think it’s inoperable. Whether it’s collectivists from the Democrats, or Trump’s promise of tariffs on everything…people today reject past learning; don’t know history; don’t even know of Milton Friedman’s lectures against tariffs and collectivism of 35 years ago.

What they know is they want MORE government manipulation - because everyone knows, government can make it all right. We just have to get the RIGHT PEOPLE in government - like a billionaire crony grifter; or a crackpot from Vermont and Brooklyn who never held a real job outside of government.


Right on. I look back on my college days and I can remember few courses and even fewer Profs, but I remember well my Economics courses taught by a businessman, and former President of the Futures Exchange, not only was he brilliant but he was an excellent teacher.

I also agree its ‘InOp’. I always felt we crossed the line of the tipping point in the election of '12. I won’t blame anyone for voting for Obama…the FIRST time, but to do it twice only proves P.T. Barnum right. We are on very slipply slope and sliding faster than I ever could have believed. (another one of my predictions gone wrong) I felt it would take decades to embrace socialism and communism, loss of our Bill of Rights and the Constitution itself. I felt it was possible and even probable but not in my lifetime, yet here we are screaming down the slope with arms wide open embracing the progressive socialist agenda as if it were mana from heaven itself…and I am living to see it happen.