Best Descrption Of Hillary ... Ever!


Tomi was on fire tonight as usual but her description of Hillary made me roll off my very comfortable couch! 8)

The link below the short video goes to the full “Final Thoughts” segment.



I take one look at her and I know she is not a Dim, she is not a HAG…


Beck stole her from the best news program on TV.
(One America News)


Sack of carp…Kind of an understatement. But I have to admit that it does sound better than boxcar of carp.


My guess is ole Hilda is the way she is as ole Bill has had to dry hump that thing for the past 40 years and every day she has got uglier. She is what we call double wolf ugly. You wake up next to her and you chew off your arm so you can make a get away without waking her up, then you chew off the other arm just so it never happens again.


Exactly the same thing here in Arizona, except we call it “coyote” ugly.

Actually, that’s probably not original for Arizona, 'cause I’ve heard “coyote” ugly in other regions.

I’ve not heard the “wolf” ugly until now, so perhaps that’s a Texas thing.

In any case, YES, Hitlery IS coyote/wolf ugly. I don’t know which sickens me more . . . the sight of Obama or looking at her. Seriously, just looking at either one of them is viscerally upsetting.


I would imagine that living with that woman is like living with a constipated rattlesnake…


Good one . . . !