Best Headline Ever? (NY Post)


I bet they outsell the ‘Times’ tomorrow for the front page alone!:yes:

Lynch may be forced to charge Hillary after Bill’s shady powwow | New York Post


Yeah, it’s good.

It’s also insincere.

The Post may be trying to pretend to be the voice of the Rational Middle Class…but who owns it? Why, Rupert Murdoch - who first created FNC and then, with Cronyism being the Next Big Thing, took FOX and made it FAUX.

And who’s been playing cute games with Trump. Seeing what we have now seen, that little spat with May Gun Kelly was just theatre. It was a tease; show some DRAMA. Since then he’s been on that outlet, morning noon and night…by phone interview, which they don’t normally ALLOW. Other guests have to show up in a studio somewhere and get made up, etc. Trump literally calls it in.

In more ways than one. I won’t go into my issues with Trump; I think he’s a fake, a fraud, a slanderer and a liar. AND a lifetime graft-delivery boy. The choice is made; but Murdoch’s alleged nooze outlets…do not exist for me.