Beto Goes to Kent State, Argues Only the Government Can Be Trusted With Guns


He must, on some level, get the irony… no?


There is a huge upside to Beto’s current campaign strategy. Months ago, the Dems were urging him to drop out of the presidential race and run for Texas senator again. After taking this gun control position about the only place he could get elected in Texas would be in Austin. The rest of the state won’t vote him in as a dog warden or trash collector.

“Dog warden” is the fancy name for dog catcher, which was term for that office when I was growing up.

Maybe he can become a band conductor. He loves to stand on boxes and wave his arms.

Most Democrats know little about the history of this country, and what little they know gets adjusted to fit their political agenda. So the killing of the students at Kent State in 1970 is either beyond Beto’s knowledge, or perhaps he may have thought they were violent right wing protesters who got what they deserved.


As children, movie goers, concert goers, school children and churchgoers continue to get shot and the perception continues that Republicans are unwilling to make compromises at any level, people like Beto will continue to gain political power. Not this election and probably not the next, but I keep warning my pro 2A friends that the pro gun sides better reform the culture or the anti side will eventually be given the political power do it.

That said, to AS’s op, the irony would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.


That assumes the meme of mass shooting doesn’t die out by then.

And that is what this is; a meme. A violent one passing through the minds of misanthropic people, but a meme nonetheless.

Equally, by that point, 3d printers will be ubiquitous. Not seeing what the politicians do then.

You might be able to regulate where people take weapons; you won’t be able to regulate who has them. Guns are old technology, made of commonly-found materials.

People (including Beto) talk about the Australian buy-back, but they only turned in about 1/4 of their weapons. In America, you’d still have more weapons than people in circulation. With an engaged community armed with 3D printers, you could push out that number in a year.

My cousin’s husband works in ATF; “ghost guns” are already a thing. The same time people we’re talking about banning bump stocks, a high schooler posted a youtube video of one he made via a 3d printer.


No, he’s a moron and I would say that even if I agreed with him on issues.


“Continue to get shot,” Gracie? There’s been ONE mass shooting in a movie theater in recent memory, two mass shootings at a concert, and about 7 mass shootings at a school. Every one of those shootings took place in “GUN FREE” areas by fiat of the local government or by preference of the owners of the venue.


You can make a “bump stock” out of a man’s BELT, for Pete’s sake! And you can make a “zip gun” out of a spring, nail and piece of pipe…even an old car radio aerial.


Yet again, you’re posting something I agree with…

I’m surprised we haven’t been seeing black-market manufacture of guns before now. Even crudely-made guns can be capable of full auto. Indeed, I’ve heard of a badly-made (Chinese) SKS semiauto that fired the entire magazine in full auto when the trigger was squeezed and released.


Actually you cannot SUCCESSFULLY “regulate” where people take weapons without performing a full body search at every entrance which simply will NOT happen.


Lol, you underestimate politicians and their resourcefulness.

Of course, but the issue isn’t who has them, but where a person can use a firearm can be. If shooting ranges are closed and hunting, shooting in the open on public and private land banned, the average person won’t have any reason to buy a firearm if they can’t use it. It would take several generations, but the culture would change. I think you are drastically underestimating the power of technology and creative solutions. Again, It’s not that I support any of this, but I’m simply acknowledging what could happen if public perception continues to shift and support for “something to be done” continues.

Do you think that the average person will want to take the risk to build a firearm on their 3d printer if they can’t use it? (meaning there is no lawful place to shoot it? Sure you can own a firearm, you just can’t shoot it anywhere. The 2A protects ownership, does it protect usage?

Furthermore, the idea that 3d printers are going to cause a revolution is laughable.

I work in technology and I can tell you that printers are already being utilized by the government. What you print can already be monitored. I’m not saying that I know there is an active attempt by the government to intercept what people print, but on the other hand it wouldn’t surprise me and I know for a fact that the technology is there.

I predict that as technology advances that the government could make detection built into printers sold in the US that will exist deep in the firmware/ software that will detect the creation of gun parts and either report it or refuse to print it or leave signs of the printer that created, when it was created, who was logged into the computer that ran it etc… This technology already exists with respect to any attempt to print government currency on a printer. Reality Winner, the contractor that leaked government info was caught using a form of this tech, though a very low tech version of it.. This technology will only get more advanced. It would be easy to hide fingerprints in 3d software and the things made with it.

Sure a handful of people will be able to defeat it, but the number will be small which will reduce the number of people willing to take that chance and the culture of the firearm will eventually shrink to a small (albeit fervent) section of the population.


LOL. Don’t you think the criminals in Chicago know that they “can’t use their guns?” How badly has that thwarted their efforts to shoot them ANYWAY? You MUST understand that (if you REALLY "work in technology) any system designed to identify a user can be defeated…usually fairly easily by someone who is savvy about such things.


How many similar shootings have their been in other “Western Nations”?

Gun-free areas aren’t intended to prevent people from bring guns into them. Any more than no smoking areas prevent people from smoking in “no smoking” areas. The point of a gun-free area is simply to create a consequence for possession of firearms in those areas so that we don’t have to wait till they start shooting to create a consequence for having them.


Oh, nonsense, CSB. Gun-free zones are INTENDED to keep people from bringing in guns, relying on their honesty and, most of all, their OBEDIENCE. Criminals don’t CARE what the owners of these venues want. They aren’t honest and they refuse to obey. Please try to recognize actual REALITY for a change.


Dave, The same can be said of explosives. You and I know that anyone can make Tannerite, but you can’t buy it at Walmart which limits it’s proliferation to hobbyists who just want to blow stuff up for fun and criminals.

You guys act like if you can’t ban firearms 100% that any attempt to thwart them will be 100% unsuccessful. I’m saying that’s wrong. If the general public, the average Joe does not have access to firearms, that support for them will erode over time.

Look, I’m not saying that this is a great idea, I’m simply pointing out that you are drastically underestimating the power of culture, over time, to change the conversation such that firearms lose their cultural popularity and ownership limited to hobbyists who like to shoot and are willing to take the risk of being caught, criminals.

Of course, there will be thos willing to hide them in their homes with the justification of protection for other criminals and government…But again, this generation will die out over time.

Remember what I’ve said about “rights” in my past posts? You feel firearm ownership is a right? Correct?

I’m simply telling you that your right comes from other people who agree with you. If the number of people that agree with you shrinks, you will lose you “right” to own a firearm.

Now if you want you can point out that you think firearm ownership is a “natural right” or “god-given” and people bestow “political rights”. Whatever, I don’t make that distinction. All rights are political IMO…


Isn’t that true of any law intended to restrict people’s behavior?

Laws don’t literally prevent people from doing what they want, they put people to choices and either people OBEY or they don’t.


I may have mentioned this already, but I have a good freind that manufactures fully automatic firearms. he can build them because he has a contract with the government to create prototypes that can be put into full production by other companies.

One of the things that happens is that a firearm can be “dismantled” and rendered inoperable and then it’s just a pile of useless metal. However, these parts are often crated together and saved. I don’t know where he gets the, but he buys them and manufactures them on his shop as the basis of some for the prototypes he builds. Just the other day I got to fire a fully automatic H&K MP5. He litteraly asked me to “break it in” gave me 500rds of 9mm and off to the range I went. It was a blast.

But I digress…

The point I’m trying to make is that firearm ownership can be “pushed underground” just as it is in Germany, France, England and Japan…You can argue how effective that all is, that’s not my point.

If firearm ownership is something we value, we, the 2A supporters, need to change the culture, because I’d argue that the culture is moving to firearms as a form of entertainment, not for self-protection or protection of tyranny.

I train with a pistol, not just pointing it an aiming it, any monkey can do that. I train how to draw, fire, reload, switch hands, clear jams…95% of the people that shoot pistols think that shooting is holding a pistol out in front of you and squeezing the trigger. Most of these idiots are more likely to shoot themselves in the leg trying to draw their weapon in times of stress than they are to shoot a purp or protect themselves from a tyrannical government agent.

Rifles are one thing, but pistols are an entirely different animal. Firearms, when handled with the culture of “entertainment” are dangerous…And that is the culture that is pervading right now.

Gun shows are increasingly catering to what people see in Call of Duty and Battlefield 5 and that’s what firearm ownership is becoming as the generations represented here in this forum get older and will someday be gone…


/steps off soapbox.


Most of us who, as you say, “will soon be gone,” have taken great care to train our children and even grandchildren in firearm handling, safety and security, and I have no doubt they will so train THEIR children, so I doubt your “culture change” is going to “take.” I suggest you quit paying so much attention to the MSM, et al, about what’s going on in this country. Every time some idiot Democrat starts talking about gun confiscation, sales of firearms go UP and people enroll in CC classes all over the country to learn HOW to properly handle and secure their new acquisitions.


None of what I’ve written comes from the MSM, but my own observations from my extensive expereince handling and training with firearms. I know it’s a hard concept for you to consider, a liberal who, not only knows about firearms, but how to handle them and actively shoots and trains with them.

As far as training your kids…That’s great, but as the anti-firearm folks obtain more control as a result of popular opinion, that will fade…Sure, there will always be those in rural areas that will resist (fervently), but the constituency will shrink if the anti-side gains momentum under a popular mandate, and, IMO they will of the pro side continues to sit on their hands and create the impression that they are powerless or unwilling to enact any sort of change in the law and/ or culture.


You apparently misunderstood my post. You’re buying into the MSM’s meme that there’s an increasing number of people who are anti-gun. That’s BS. I don’t doubt your expertise vis a vis firearms. If you say so, I’ll accept it without questioning. However, I’d suggest to you that MY experience with them far exceeds your own. I’ve been hunting alone since age 11, bringing home squirrels, quail and rabbits for the dinner table more often than not. Then, I joined the Army and served on active duty for 8 years, including two tours in Vietnam and a two-year tour in Korea where I carried an M1 Garand on MDL patrol in the DMZ. After leaving the Army, I served as a police detective for 7 years in a state in which carrying 24/7 was obligatory. I scored “top shooter” in the FBI’s LEO combat pistol training course during that period. For the next 5 years, I taught the NRA Hunter Safety course under the auspices of a Texas 2-year college, in addition to teaching criminal justice and sociology courses there. I currently hold lifetime hunting licenses in both Kansas and Oklahoma, and have permission to hunt pheasant on about 36,000 acres of farmlands in SW Kansas. I’ve successful hunted white-tail deer, antelope, elk, feral hogs and several species of upland game birds. I applied for a permit to hunt bear in upper Michigan, but my name wasn’t drawn as only a limited number of permits are issued annually. I’ve hunted with shotguns, recurved bows and a wide variety of long guns…including shooting varmints such as coyotes and skunks with an AR15. I have two children, 4 foster kids, 8 grandkids and 11 great grandkids, all of whom have been trained in firearm safety either by me or by their parents under my supervision.

My point is, there’s a growing number of people who have taken up shooting sports and are preparing to use firearms for defense of themselves, their families and property and, for that matter, the nation, if necessary. More and more states are approving of “Constitutional Carry”, while the blue areas are becoming more and more restrictive…and much more dangerous as a result.


They’re there already in London: