Beware of Charities


This is the season people think about giving and after looking at an ad from Child Fund International I got to thinking about those charities that really are out and out frauds or give so little to actual places and use the money to enrich their personnel.

I remember an incident years ago about a newspaper guy who was giving to this little girl, or do he thought, and he did some investigating and found that this child had passed away but he was still getting letters.

Here is a link to a site that monitors charities and their actual performance and how much is actually used toward charity.

Charity Navigator - America’s Largest Charity Evaluator | Home


Outside my church, as a general rule, I give only to the American Bible Society (specifically for Bibles for China), occasionally, the Salvation Army, and to the Missions organization that my niece and her husband are serving under (specifically for their support).


What a hoot that link is. I searched “The Salvation Army”, and here is (part of) their reply: (emphasis mine)

We don’t evaluate The Salvation Army.
Why not? Many religious organizations are exempt under Internal Revenue Code from filing the Form 990. As a result, we lack sufficient data to evaluate their financial health.
Despite the fact that we evaluate, for free, ten times more organizations than anyone else in America has ever attempted, many deserving (and not deserving) ones exist that we haven’t gotten to yet.

Meanwhile, in the upper right-hand corner they’re begging for donations! :rofl: