Beware of Scam Artists

Recently I cleaned a computer for a friend so that it would run properly. Somehow the grand children had down loaded some adware and installed programs that started when the computer booted up. I had stopped the auto running at startups and eliminated the adware which brought the computer back up to normal speed. I also found out why a gig of memory was not working.

So I get a call from my friend saying “microsoft” had called her and wanted to fix her computer. I told her that this was a scam and had even been notified by email from Microsoft about it. It was not that long ago I received a similar call from
"microsoft". The point is it is a scam. These people want remote access to your computer as well as you providing a credit card number or such so they have access to your money.

Virus scam call - Microsoft Community

Microsoft Phone Scam : Call from Microsoft about virus is a Scam

I keep getting phone calls for the electric bill scam.

I had some young lady call earlier about electricity and sounded like she was calling from a home. When she started I told her I only had a wood burning stove and hung up the phone.

I’ve noticed that same thing.