Beware the Gang of 8 deal


Rubio hit 7 TV shows this AM selling the Gangs immigration shamnesty plan. Now there is ONE day of debate scheduled for it. ONE DAY!!
Remind you of any other bills crammed down the throat of the American People in recent years??
Guess we’ll have to pass it to find out what is in it.

Fortunately…the HOUSE is not yet on board and neither are 92 other Senators (though we should ASSUME Senate passage). WHY SHOULD YO"U" NOT LIKE THIS BILL??? Senator Jeff Sessions lays out the case:

**Sessions added. “To proceed along these lines is tantamount to an admission that the bill is not workable and will not withstand public scrutiny.” **The details that Sen. Sessions cites as troubling include:

[]Instead of securing the border first, it merely requires DHS to submit a plan (within 6 months) to achieve modest enforcement goals at some point in the next 10 years in exchange for an immediate grant of amnesty. History tells us the enforcement part will never effectively happen.
]Even the border security’s future targets are weak: the plan only requires DHS to state what resources DHS needs in order to apprehend 90% of those illegal immigrants the border patrol sees – but not those who successfully evade border patrol altogether.
[]Increased security is called for only in certain areas of the southwest border, leaving huge vulnerabilities to cartels and other illegal immigrants.
]There is no requirement to complete the 700 miles of double-layered border fence that Congress has previously mandated (less than 40 miles of which have been completed).
[]Interior enforcement components are also delayed until after the amnesty occurs, including a 5-year delay in the implementation of E-Verify.
]**The plan calls for an “electronic” exit system to track visa overstays at air and sea ports. However, Congress has required – through a 17-year old mandate that has been ignored – that the exit system must be biometric and be implemented at all ports of entry, including the largest port – our land borders. GAO has said that without this biometric exit system, DHS cannot track visa overstays.
[*]The plan’s guest worker program as described is not temporary; it will allow for one million foreign workers to enter the country each year and eventually apply for green cards and citizenship.

I’m sure there is more…but **NOW is the time to write, call and storm the barricades in DC to let your REPS and SENATORS know that you will not be voting for THEM if they do not vote for YOU. This bill MUST be defeated. **


When are they voting on this?


Unclear WIJG…but usually immediately after the floor hearing it goes under the amendment process and then to the floor for votes or a vote. My guess would be early May for the vote.


And anyoe who votes against it will be branded a racist hater!