Beware this coming May 6


The dragons and the magnacalms will quake in fear:


Ooh, looks cool.


Bah. The Magnaclams fear nothing. Although they don’t like getting mud on their shells…

Anyhow, my script blocker kicked the video’s butt. Which prevented it from kicking my dial-up’s butt…


Ha as if the Dragons would fear anything!!! Maybe the Magnaflams. :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course you fear the Magnaclams. But you need to learn how to spell it right…


It was right magnaflams.


It was wrong, dragonbait…





Kiss my scaly behind!!


If Im not mistaken EV doesn’t Thor get hi butt handed to him by Loki’s son(forget his name) during the events of Ragnarok? :rofl: Imagine the great God Thor getting beat by a giant snake!!!


Maggie will Magna kick your scaled behind, foolish mortal!

Thor’s fortunate that he didn’t try to duke it out with a Clam. If he’d thrown his warhammer at one, it would have gotten one look as Neutronium-Shelled splendor, and then gone yiping to the far side of the planet.


Silence brainwashed one!!! Even Thor could beat a magnaflam!!! They are nothing but supper!!! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-ack!! coughs


He couldn’t beat an egg…


Is that the Midgard serpent?


Yes it is. Looked up his name it is Jörmungandr.


I only knew about it because of a Fantasy story I once read, called “The Incomplete Enchanter.” There were two other stories written in the same vein, with some of the same characters, and they were published together as “The Compleat Enchanter.”