Biden Administration = INCAPABLE

I am back in country to deal with some personal affairs and thought I would poke my head in the door here. Now, where to start - I guess without typing for an hour covering all that is Biden, Harris, Blinkin, et al, suffice to say there is LITTERALY NOTHING this administration’s ship of fools has not screwed up and/or completely destroyed. The southern border (check); energy independence (check); inflation/debt (check); increase in crime (check); increasing racial tension (check). I could go on, but you know this stuff as well as I, perhaps better - living in Costa Rica allows me to tune out some of this clown show.- but not entirely; the US is my homeland; the place of my birth. I left because I knew it was going to get BAD, but even I had no idea just how bad it would become.

As for the latest utter failure - the withdrawal from Afghanistan. My god, our military was removed leaving thousand of American citizens behind enemy lines and their wellbeing in the hands of the freaking Taliban? How can this be? How can grown ups game a plan that looks like this?

What voters accomplished last November was to replace a twitter freak having solid policy positions with a man of demonstrable poor judgement over many decades - a man saddled with obvious diminished mental capability and backed by Kamala Harris; a woman with no demonstrable capability whatsoever.

The world is watching - notably China, Russia and our allies - and we have been found lacking in even fundamental capability. This is dangerous folks.

In fact, it is so bad I have to wonder if the United States is even able to defend this point. Just how INCAPABLE is Biden and his administration? I hope like hell we never have to find out.


It makes you wish that we had the parliamentary system where we could have a “no confidence” vote and send Joe Biden the memory care unit where he belongs. Instead we have 41 more months of the worst president and one of the worst vice presidents in history.

There have been a couple of Vice Presidents from the 19th century who would have given Harris a run for her money. One of them, Daniel D.Tompkins, was mentally ill (1817 to 1825). Another, William King (1853), was almost dead.

Biden never did have the capacity to be President. He washed out before the primaries in 1988 when he was in his prime. Obama picked him because (1) he was an old White guy who would balance the ticket against the young Black guy with a radical record and (2) Obama knew that Biden could never show him up intellectually.

Now we are stuck with a senile old man and an incompetent socialite who happens to be Vice President. Thank you, Democrats, for doing all you could to pick the worst candidates you could find.

Back in 1944 the smart Democrats had the courage to send the naive Henry Wallace, who thought that the Soviet Union was the next coming of Christ, out to pasture. They replaced him with Harry Truman.

This generation of Democrats is so “WOKE” that they can’t see beyond race, gender and sexual orientation. All of those factors are more important to Democrats than whether or not the person they nominate can do the job.

Nominating the President and Vice President is an awesome responsibility. The Democrats failed to take it seriously in 2020.


Reality. TV. Businessman.

Nobody took it seriously.

Let us not forget to include our media and 51% of our electorate among the clueless. The wounds from this will run VERY deep and bleed for decades. The cost will be paid by all Americans - but past is prologue - we know who and what the Taliban are and they are already beginning to behave to form. No doubt, many American citizens caught behind the lines will die - we will never get a full accounting. Those Afghans who actually assisted the US over time - many are dead men/women walking.

We can’t take 3.5 more years of this brain-dead administration. I am looking far more short term than November 2024 - I just hope our wheels don’t completely fall off before November 2022.

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Gene, I think you have a point, but a very small one. Repubs nominated Trump out of sheer frustration and disgust with Obama and the RINOS/DC insiders in their own party - Romney and McCain come quickly to mind. I hope you are not now going to compare Trump and his record of success/solid accomplishments with that of Biden/Harris 8 months in.

But, please Gene, feel free to disgrace yourself by giving it a try. Defend the indefensible - c’mon Gene, you can do it. LMAO!!


Gene’s mind cannot grasp how the capitalist system works. He can’t understand the concept that if people want to improve their lives, they have to be willing to put in some effort. Instead he thinks that government can make outcomes more equal by redistributing wealth and income.

Somebody has to produce the goods and services, Gene. Not everyone can be a consumer and contribute nothing to society. Not even the socialists don’t think that is possible. If you go to the trouble to work and create something, you deserve to be compensated. If you sit on your butt, or worse yet, become a criminal who steals and loots from the those who are producing, you don’t deserve much of anything except a subsistence existence, if you obey the law.

Criminals should be incarcerated. Violent ones should be taken off the streets. That will become more and more necessary as the Biden administration allows an unlimited number of unvetted people to enter this country through its open border policies.

You say that you live in an unsafe neighborhood. It’s only going to get worse, Gene, as the Democrats allow more and more people into this country, who have no skills and can’t speak the language. There are not enough resources to put them all on the dole.


Gene would be hard pressed to name anything that has gone right during the Biden / Harris administration. It is a saga of failure and denial.

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This administration is such a catastrophic failure I literally have no faith in America anymore. To think my countrymen would actually choose to put these people in office? What the? And the only people I hear complaining are on FOX news?

If the Trump administration would have done the exact same things as Biden’s, I’m talking policies, all the way down to his geriatric gaffes, the liberals would have lost their collective minds even more than they did. The news would have crucified him even worse. He probably would have actually been removed from office. And this is just like what, 4, 5 months in?

America, either you are dumb beyond all redemption for doing this, or the democrats have found a way to steal every election we will ever have forever.


Trump was an infinitely better as president than Biden. Biden is worse than nothing; he is destroyer. He and James Buchanan, currently rated as the worst President ever, were cut from the same cloth. So far as public policy is concerned, both of them were/are clueless.

Biden is doing all he can to destroy you life @Gene and the lives of every other American. Stop believing your “little professors” and look at reality.

Trump’s biggest problem is that he never knows when to shut up. When you have said your piece and made your point, move on. That was the big mistake Trump made at his Covid press conferences. He stayed out there until he said something stupid, like injecting Clorox into your bloodstream, and the press got their chance to pounce.

Just about everything Biden says when he’s not reading his notes or the teleprompter, is stupid. but the press will do everything they can to save him. The trouble is, his handling of the Afghanistan pull-out is so bad that no one can save him. You can only wait for the short memories of the American people and the cover-up of the impending slaughter of American citizens there by the main stream news media.


Trump lost the presidency based on personality issues, inarticulate - sometimes foolish - verbalizations and a constant barrage of BS/lies/fabrications by media outlets over a 4 year period - oh, and a receptive 51% of our electorate who chose to ignore facts on the ground and accomplishments by Trump and his administration.

Buyer’s remorse? I have an idea a do-over of the Nov election would produce a VERY different outcome. Democrats have not been welcome in my home for years. I hold Biden voters as accountable as I do Biden himself. They turned this mental defective loose on America. Biden is simply doing what he’s always done - being stupid/wrong about every foreign policy issue confronting this nation for over 4 decades.


I think the media propaganda was the big one, although Trump didn’t do himself any favors.

Actually, I think he’s doing what his overlords are telling him to do. He just does it badly, and, when his handlers forget to put him on his lease, with his foot in his mouth.


It has been reported that Biden is going on vacation to Delaware during the Afghanistan crisis. Kamala Harris, who is responsible for border, is going to Vietnam during that crisis.

That’s okay. They will be just as effective there as they would in Washington.

Here is the Biden - Harris team.

Chief Executive Joe

“WOKE” Kamala

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I kind of do too? Sounds fair.


As we see by the responses from Democrats here, as “citizens of the world,” they value the longevity of the Biden administration over the interests of their country. Biden has read TelePrompTers through out his political career. The fact that he can stare at them and read words now says nothing about his mental competency.

“The buck stops here,” is a nice historical catch phrase except when Biden has it stop in front of Trump, the Afghan Army, the Afghan President and our allies before it gets to him. Since they all dropped the ball before the buck got to him, Biden not responsible for anything.

I can’t think of another time when a President could have gotten away with this except just before the Civil War when James Buchanan claimed that he was legally bound from preventing the southern from leaving the Union.

Joe and Jim share a common legacy. They are the worst presidents in American history. We know that Buchanan contributed to the deaths of over 650,000 Americans. Joe Biden’s body count is just beginning.


what are we like 6 months in? I can only imagine the books worth of tragedies mistakes lies and screw ups we’ll have in the upcoming years.

We are seven months in, not that it matters. We can’t get rid of this jerk, except by impeachment and conviction. Then we are stuck with California socialite, Kamala Harris, who views the presidency as a symbol of progress for woman and people of color instead of a major responsibility.

What a mess!