Biden administration selling oil to China

It’s been reported the millions of barrels of oil that the Biden administration took from our strategic reserve has been sold to China. What is going on? Why is Biden selling oil to our enemies when it is needed here and was taken from the reserve to lower prices for U.S. consumers?

Could it be that Joe is paying the Chinese dividends from the “investments” they made in Hunter? If the Republicans gain control of the House, 2023 could be a hot one for Biden. And the Democrats decide to jettison old Joe because he has become too much of a political liability, he might be gone.

Perhaps old Joe is the 21st century’s version of John Tyler who became a President without a party.

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Seeing as you believe laying pipe would magically drop petrol prices, I found this educational video for you:

You’re welcome.

Maybe you could post you own counter arguments instead of linking to someone else who makes the augments for you. I don’t click on most of this because I have spent a small fortune on getting rid of malware.

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Cool, I’ll give a synopsis. US refineries are all operating at capacity at the moment. Selling oil overseas want affect production one bit. So it is not “needed here” as you put it.

It’s also not being sold to China.

So if American refineries are operating at capacity making gasoline, and oil is being exported to countries who can refine it to make more gasoline, the will lead to an abundance of gasoline on the global market.

What happens to the price of a commodity when there is an excess amount available?

Also, there is nothing wrong with using other peoples arguments. I suspect you do it more often than you realise parroting FOX News about Hunter’s laptop, George Soros etc.

1 The problem is with the capacity of the refineries, which are old and need updating and more of them, both of which the Dems have been fighting for years (probably decades).
2 Not what I’m hearing and seeing:

3 To profit an enemy government? No, thanks. This is coming out of our strategic reserve; and at an unprecedented rate.

And we are going to pay for this down the road. Mark my word on that. When we really need oil because of a national emergency, it won’t be there.

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For this he should be impeached, especially in the context of all the other atrocities he has committed upon the American people.

Welcome aboard @AbeLincoln2024!

Biden should have been impeached a year ago for his border policies. He refuses to enforce the immigration laws.

This is the trouble with a Republican controlled Congress. Biden can veto the bills they pass. If they override him, he can refuse or ignore the law. The founding fathers never planned on a president like Biden who can break his Oath of Office and refuse to protect and defend the Constitution.

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