Biden and “The 4 C’s”

As Biden slowly reveals to the main stream news media the intent of his policies, I’ve come up with “the 4 C’s” that characterize his administration.

#1. Crass - Insensitive, stupid, obtuse and inane.

#2. Cruel – He doesn’t care about how much pain he inflicts on the American people. All he cares about is the Green New Deal and himself, no matter how much damage his policies and his ego inflict on us. His administration is not interested in a cost benefit analysis. He can’t think in terms of what measured steps can we take that will address the climate change issue without wrecking lives and the economy.

He takes the same approach to immigration. He’s established open borders to preserve the power of the Democrat Party because its policies are losing support among American citizens, even the minority population.

#3. Careless – “It’s okay, Vlad, if you have a small invasion” (of the Ukraine). This is an example of the “big S,” STUPID. Every week we have so many examples of “Clean up on aisle Biden,” that you lose count.

#4. Corrupt – The compliant news media has done a great job of covering up the Biden crime family activities. The Hunter Biden stories are coming to light. What is yet to be covered are the activities of Joe’s brother, James, who is known in the family as “the fixer.”

This sums up the sad saga of the Biden administration, the worst presidency in American history. James Buchanan regarded African-Americans as non-citizens who had no rights. To him and Supreme Court Chief Justice, Roger B. Taney, African-Americans were similar to mules, horses and cattle … animals that were personal property.

Buchanan was in the slave owners’ corner, unlike Biden who is only in the illegal immigrants’ and “the Squad’s" corner. Ever other American is on Biden’s hit list, which includes every race and economic class. He’s got no use for all of us, and he totally disrespects us.

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Gasoline is $5 a gallon. Five oil industry executives were in Washington yesterday. Instead of meeting with them, Biden spent is his time meeting with windmill executives. He snubbed the oil executives dispute the pain with fuel prices and inflation.