Biden asks OPEC to up production

Joe Biden has asked OPEC to up production because of rising gasoline prices. Over the past year, prices have risen by $1 a gallon in most areas of the United States.

Since Biden is mentally challenged, I can understand why he can’t understand why prices have gone up. As for the rest us, we know that his policies, which have cut U.S. production have resulted in higher prices.

Prices were bound to rise as demand increased at the end (or perhaps a pause) in the pandemic. That is natural. What is unnatural is Biden’s anti-domestic production policies. We were very close the the dream of the energy independence from the countries who don’t like us. That was the goal since the days of Nixon, Ford and Carter in the 1970s. Now it’s been shattered by the far left and their hand puppet, Joe Biden.

I hope that those of you voted for Biden are happy. If you enjoy poverty and hard times, he’s doing his best to bring it to you. And for those who think that’s great, the poor, for whom you say you have most sympathy, are going to be worse off as a result.

So we’re forced back to patrolling the Persian Gulf instead of the South China Sea where we belong. Good job, Joe.