Biden invites UN racism and human rights envoys to investigate U.S

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration is formally inviting United Nations racism and human rights envoys to visit the United States amid a contentious ongoing domestic debate over the treatment of minorities in America.

The State Department announced late Tuesday that the administration would issue a standing invitation to all U.N. envoys, known as special rapporteurs, who compile information on race and discrimination and report back to the world body.

Well, yes. Obviously, having the UN investigating us for human rights violations when their HRC membership includes the likes of China, Russia, Cuba, and Pakistan, and in the not-too-distant past, Iran, is just chock full of credibility…

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Of course they’re going to find human rights violations in the USA. I’ve lived in places like downtown Cincinnati Ohio where the living conditions are absolutely deplorable for the minorities living there. I mean it is hell.

Unfortunately, these UN human rights envoys are guaranteed to NOT visit the white ghettos that are just as awful. In fact those will not be investigated, visited, spoken of, or even acknowledged.

The sad thing is, even our most horrific ghetto in the USA doesn’t hold a candle to the living conditions in 3rd world countries. Once again, the 3rd world won’t even be acknowledged in their witch hunt to uncover all the racism here in the USA. It’s like… just ignore the dozen people who just got killed with machetes in Somalia yesterday, and let’s instead focus on the guy who got shot in Boston. Because we all know America sucks right democrats?

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I don’t understand the Biden Administration. What do they hope to gain by this? Are they really so caught up in their own hate-Amerikkka demagogy that they just don’t care about the effect on normal Americans?

But … let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth. For patriots, this is an excellent opportunity to keep prying away some of the Democratic base, just as the drive of progressives to dumb down math and to teach Hate America Theory in the schools.

Now … is there any truth the rumor that Biden will host a ceremony honoring St. George Loyd, by burning an American flag on the White House lawn?


This is another example of the left chipping away at our national sovereignty and handing it over to the international community. It’s another part of their goal for a world government that will have the power to solve the world’s problems at the stroke of a pen followed by blunt police action. The goal is a world-wide socialist dictatorship. Another aspect of this is Janet Yellen’s plan for a world-wide corporate minimum tax.

In the mean time we see no moves from China, Iran, Russia and any of the other bad actors to give up their nationalism and sovereignty. If fact those country are intensifying their efforts to place everyone else under the heal of their boot. You have to be brain washed, a communist internationalist or just plan stupid not to see this.

The American people have no idea how bad the Biden administration is. And the amazing thing is that no one in the Democrat Party really wants to do anything to slow it down. The Senators from Arizona and West Virginia are mentioned as “stoppers,” but there is evidence that they will cave under the pressure or get bought off.

The acid test will be this $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill. If that goes passed through reconciliation, we will know that it’s over.

If they pass the “voting rights bill,” there will be nothing to stop the Democrat Communist Dictatorship. Your vote will mean nothing, and our “elections” will be like the ones they held in the old Soviet Union. Voting will be a formality because the result will be determined as soon as the Democrats nominate a candidate. Voter fraud will be the order of the day. The Democrats will simply crank up their Xerox machines and mail in the votes that are needed to win. Voting from the cemeteries will be at all time high, and illegal aliens will have their names on the voter roles.

I must respectfully disagree, at least with the “it’s all over” conclusion.

In the first place, there are deep contradictions within the Democratic Party. There are, indeed outright socialists within it, most notably in the Democratic Socialists of America group, which has had astonishing growth – over 50 000 now, I think – in the last few years. But there are Democrats who don’t want their party taken over by Marxists – you are probably aware of what happened in Nevada recently. [ Entire Staff of Nevada Democratic Party Quits After Democratic Socialist Slate Won Every Seat ].

And within the DSA itself, there are even more extreme groups working to take over the DSA. There is a Communist Caucus, and also a Trotskyist group doing what they call an “entry”. [I know this will be hard to believe, but an old friend of mine is a Democratic Party precinct chair in Houston, and also the chairman of the Communist Party there. And, actually, he’s far less extreme than the anti-Fa maniacs.]

Read this, and cheer up[:The Dangers of Factionalism in DSA ]

So we are going to see some fireworks within the DSA – have some popcorn ready.

Nor should we assume that ballot fraud can be practiced everywhere with confidence that it will be undetected. There has always been electoral fraud in the US – the Democratic machines of the big cities practiced it, and it may have been a factor in the election of John F Kennedy in 1960. But it’s simply wrong to assume that they will be able to do whatever they want.

A lot will depend on whether the Republican Party can redefine itself as a genuine people’s party – shaking off the dead hand of pure Libertarian economics. As the corporate Donor Class desert to the Democrats and ‘Wokeism’, this may become possible in a way that it has not been before.

America is definitely on a downward spiral – any country that wants to dumb down its mathematics and science courses in the name of ‘equity’ [equal outcomes], while facing a rising rival that regularly wins the Mahematics Olympiads, is on the path to national suicide.

But no one knows the future. A thousand things could happen that would be favorable for patriots.

We must not give up. And, we must not be ‘parliamentary cretins’: we must be prepared for serious developments outside the field of electoral politics. Anyone who doesn’t have that AR15 yet is in the grip of delusional optimism.

I’m sorry @Doug1943, I don’t see anyone in the Democrat Party who will actively block the socialists / communists within their ranks. They are all going to roll over and let it happen.

So far as your vote goes, if HR-1 and Senate bill 1 are passed, it will be totally overwhelmed by fraudulent mail-in ballots. If a state tries to contest a fraudulent result, the Federal Government will crush them. That is what this so-called “voters rights” bill is all about. The Democrats control the Justice Department and the FBI. Those agencies are no long “neutral.”

It all depends upon how much draconian legislation the Democrats can get through prior to the 2022 elections and if the Republicans regain control of the House and Senate in 2022. If the Democrats get HR-1 and Senate Bill 1 before the 2022 vote, IT’S OVER. They will hold the House and the Senate guaranteed.

If the Democrats hold or increase their majorities in the House and Senate by a fair vote or minimal fraudulent vote without HR-1 and S-1 in 2022, IT’S OVER. There is no going back after that. They will be in complete control until they give in their communist friends in China.

Look at who runs the Democrat Party. It’s Bernie Sanders (who now has a huge amount of input into the government spending), AOC and Squad with Schumer and Pelosi supporting them. Look at who the Democrat leadership admires. It’s Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA. The rank and file Democrats don’t admire them, but the leadership does because they figure that will give them all of the money and power.

There is a disconnect between the values of the Democrat voter base and the Democrat leadership. But the voter base is made up of people who would vote for the Devil if the Democrats nominated him. They don’t know enough to realize they will get blindsided until it’s too late.

Think about what you’re saying: in effect, you say if HR-1 and the Senate equivalent are passed … it’s over. We might as well eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die. It’s a counsel of passivity.

The thing is, no one knows the future. The Communists had total control of Hungary and Czechoslovakia by 1948. Eight years later, there was a massive uprising in Hungary … only defeated from the outside. And 20 years after taking power, even the Czech Communists wanted to, effectively, dismantle the system. Again, only crushed from the outside. And finally the crushers themselves collapsed. [I lived for a few months in the USSR in 1985, and it didn’t look unstable by the conventional measures … no starvation, stability, you could get by … however I noticed that the ‘intelligentsia’ I met no longer had faith in the system. But even I was surprised when the whole thing just fell over.]

We’ve got eighty million patriots in America, which probably includes most of the people with guns and most of the people with military experience.

The Left has deep internal contradictions. People on the Right who, understandably, know little about the Left, see them as all part of a single monolithic conspiracy, directed from some central point – perhaps George Soros’ house. But in fact, there are all kinds of currents in the Left – some of them are true revolutionaries and want to seize all the big corporations and … do something with them, they don’t know what. Others are perfectly happy to have ‘woke’ corporations existing. Some of them hate the police and the military, others are working to take them over.

Look what’s happening to the areas where the Left rules: San Francisco, Portland …indeed all the big cities. This will open people’s eyes.

They’re going to have to face the problem of our becoming Number Two in the world, as the Chinese repeat Hitler’s winning formula of a capitalist economy directed by a totalitarian government. On the Left, there are those who love China, because they love power – and those who hate it, because it now has the world’s greatest number of billionaires.

We’ve had our Dunkirk. Now we hold out and wait for the enemy to make a mistake, which he will.

But … much more fundamentally – electoral politics is, ultimately, not going to settle the fate of America. We need to start thinking about something like peaceful separation – perhaps a revival of the Articles of Confederation, so that the ‘two Americas’ can each pursue their own visions without hindrance from the other.

A commentator said the other day that this country is composed of a bunch blue cities surrounded by a blue country side. I wish that we could let the AOCs of the world have a country of their own, let them run it to the ground and leave the rest of us alone.

But it can’t work that way. The left has control of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. Under a Republican President, the left wing bureaucracy will drag its feet and do what it can to sabotage his or her programs. They will leak crap to the press regardless if it is true or not.

Under a Democrat President, they will support his programs to the hilt if that president’s agenda is “woke enough.” Add to the power subvert the election process, and you have the left in control.

I’m 72 years old. I played by the rules and saved my money. I’d like to live out my remaining years with some dignity and not have to wait for your “second revolution” to push dictators out of power.

Stalin took Eastern Europe in 1945. It didn’t really fall apart until the mid 1980s. That’s forty years, and a lot of people lived and died during that time. Yes, people get tired of crap, but overthrowing it often takes decades.

Look at Cuba Castro took over 62 years ago. I doubt that this uprising will succeed, but if does, life has been turned to hell for many people for over six decades.

We can thank the colleges and universities for this mess. They live in their ivory towers with no idea how the real world works. The young have been brainwashed, and it will take at least a generation to fix it.

Do you want to talk about other Justice Department farce?

Remember the John Durham Investigation that was supposed to look at the Russia hoax? Durham resigned in February after doing nothing, Now the Biden administration is going to get to appoint a replacement.

It might as well be Kamala Harris. She would be as objective and interested in the truth as anyone else Biden might pick.

Like fixing the border crisis, she can fail at that, and the Democrats and the press will applaud her efforts.

How can say that the left is fractured? Look at how they vote in Congress. They vote as a block. All it would take would be three or four votes in the House and a lot of this nightmare would be curbed. But you won’t get any of those votes. They are all true believers … all got party members … just like it was in the Soviet Union and how it is in China and North Korea.

The only possible dissenting voice that anyone hears about is Joe Mansion, and he’s threatening cave on the big issues, like the $3.5 trillion boondoggle. Watch him cave on HR-1 and Senate Bill 1 when they tell him he can be a senator for life, like Robert Bird, or failing that, get some cushy job in a Democrat consulting firm.

I think they’re just on the payroll of those who hate America because it’s an obstruction to their power-mongering ambitions.

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The socialist hand puppet, Joe Biden, will say anything to discredit America if he’s told say it. In one sense, he is bullet proof because he does not have to worry about getting re-elected. His administration will last for three and a half years at most.

The America haters have the perfect “leader” in Biden. He does not have sense enough to know what is right and wrong. All he needs to do is read what is put before him, or recite it if he can remember it or find his prepared script in his coat pocket. The haters don’t have any worries that he will stray from the path. At best, all he can do is walk the path.

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When I use the term ‘the Left’, I don’t mean just the Democratic Party. I’m thinking about all people in the US who think of themselves as some sort of radical or revolutionary – those in BLM, AntiFa, DSA, RCP, etc etc. Some of the hard Left hate the Democrats and would never vote for them. Admittedly, this is a small minority, and the conscious hate-Amerikkka Left is also a minority of those who support the Democrats… But they are influential minorities, and things are moving their way.

Liberals are often nice people, sensible, and by no means always wrong in the their criticisms of conservatives. But … liberalism is a disposition (like conservatism), not an ideology, and so they find it very difficult to resist the pressure of hard-core committed ideologues.

For instance, on the Black question. I suspect many liberals secretly understand that the Black condition today is NOT primarily a function of what white society does or does not do, and cannot in fact be changed by changing laws, giving more money to inner city welfare recipients, lightening up on policing. But … they cannot say so. Can’t appear ‘racist’, or offend Black radicals. So they go along with the BLM agenda. And of course live as far away from Blacks as they can get.