Biden is runnng for the Senate this year

That’s what Joe Biden told voters in Toledo, Ohio on October, 12, Columbus Day. He’s running for the Senate as a “proud Democrat.”

And just when we thought he had gotten over his senility.

How can this guy go head to head with world leaders? He can’t. He’s senile. Everyone needs to come to that realization. He is not capable of the presidency.


Now watch the tortured babble from this forums leftists members, who can’t admit Biden isn’t remotely capable of managing the daily grind of the job.


They will probably just ignore this string of posts. There are no excuses for supporting an incapable candidate for president.

He also flubbed up the $15 am hour minimum wage position. He started at $15,000, went to $1,500, then he got it right.


It’s a shame that the Democrats would put a person in his condition through all of this, Pelosi is not getting the 25th Amendment ready for Trump, she is getting it ready for Biden and place him with Haris.

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You’re right. There have been comments to the effect that Pelosi is setting this up for Biden. She even said that Trump was not her target during her press conference on the topic.

In the mean time Pelosi went after CNN’s Wolf Blitzer when he suggested that she should accept the current stimulus offer from the Whitehouse. He pointed out that people were hurting, and something needed to be done. She bristled at him. Maybe she’s getting senile too. She’s 80 years old and seems to have a short fuse.

It’s interesting to point out that the city of San Francisco is coming close to becoming the home of most of our leaders. Pelosi, Harris and California Governor Gavin Newsome are all from there. The city is a socialist mess with homeless living in the streets.

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On a serious note, Biden does show significant signs of some kind of dementia. What some think are cute and lovable scenes with Biden are probably seeing the beginning symptoms of some kind of dementia. His family should have him tested for it.

You know, this might possibly be a trick to get the vp wannabe into the Prez’s chair.

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I think that it is the plan to get far left Harris in the Whitehouse. She has a more radical voting record in the Senate than Bernie Sanders. At the same time she is “Black” (although she really isn’t) and female which makes any criticism of her “racist and misogynist.” That’s why Biden was told to announce her as his running mate.

It’s interesting to note that Biden has used as the “conservative Democrat” to balance the ticket twice. First with Obama and now with Harris.

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