BIDEN killing it! ... and us

fact check time

Fact check: Did Biden ‘destroy’ 11,000 Keystone Pipeline jobs? ::

Nope, they admitted it’s right:

In October, TC Energy awarded contracts to six American union contractors to build the Keystone XL pipeline in three states in 2021. Those contractors were “responsible for hiring 7,000 union workers.””

So 7,000 guaranteed are gone, and then in addition:

So the State Department Report said losing close to 11,000 positions is true.

Cushioning the truth over “length” of those jobs doesn’t change that truth.

Including at least 7,000 we know for fact were Union. Yeah, consequences, and they tried to bury the truth in the middle of the article.

And they’re wrong to pull that crap. But at least they were honest enough to list the truth.

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And I’m more concerned about the diabetics who just got f— than the jobs he threw away but both are bad

first you said 11,000 now 7,000.

"Former HHS leaders argued the drug rule would benefit patients who struggle to pay for expensive insulin and allergy medication. However, the health centers said they already pass on those savings and this rule is merely an administrative burden that paints them as entities that price-g0uge patients. It’s not clear how many facilities would have to follow the rule or face funding restrictions. " Bloomberg/Law

wooops again

Your article says both and it explains why it mentions both.

The difference, is that 7,000 were already hired. 10,400 is how many would have been employed said DoS, once the project was fully underway.

So your complaint is you admitting you didn’t read this.

My quotes are both from your link.

these are temporary jobs.

No, quit the excuses.

It’s two years of pay checks this action cancels out.

That matters.


Why would the Democrat progressives be concerned about two years’ in pay checks for working Americans, many of whom are union members who are an important part of the Democrat Party voter base? It’s Democrat Party movement and agenda that count. It’s the desires of AOC, Bernie Sanders (Who isn’t even a Democrat.) and totalitarian extremists in the environmental movement, who control the party. Everyone else is expendable.

This is only the first salvo in the Democrat Party plans to kill jobs and control the American people. Control and dependency on government, those are the Democrat Party objectives.

you’re pro (socialist) union??

No, I’m for working people just like Trump is. As president he was concerned about good paying jobs. The progressive Democrats are concerned about control and dependency.

Labor unions have long been an important part of the Democrat Party voting, campaign worker and fund raising base. Biden turned his back in them.

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Well, not the teachers’ unions who don’t want to go back to work in the big cities after nearly a year of skating during the pandemic. In most smaller cities and towns, the teachers have gone back to work. But Biden isn’t bucking the unions for the rest, because a crapload of campaign contributions came to him from them.

There are far more members of the teachers’ unions than the construction unions, and the teachers’ unions are far more loyal to the Democrats than the the trade unions, who can be “Reagan Democrats.” The teachers’ unions also have a lot of clout in the big cities which are Democrat Party power bases and potential sources for vote harvesting.

My mother was a teacher and she belonged the NEA, which is a union. She refused to call it a union, but it was. She worked in a small school system in a small town in Delaware. The teachers’ unions are just about everywhere.