Biden must be a sad man

There was some footage of Joe Biden yesterday at the Barack Obama White House reception. He was wondering around with a lost look on his face, like a sad girl who is ignored at a high school dance. No one was talking to him. When he put his hand on Obama’s shoulder, the former president ignored him.

This is the President of the United Sates, not an outcast congressman from Jerk Water, Kansas.

After all that Biden has done for the left, you would think they would show him more respect. But no, he’s already becoming a public figure who fast fading into the rear view mirror of politics.

Communists do tend to discard their tools when they are no longer needed. 0bama got his third term and gets to blame it all on Xiden. That’s all that really mattered.

You are right about ambitious leftists dropping their own when that person is no longer of use to them. Biden has become an embarrassment for the Democrat Party and the nation. As I posted before, I think that the Democrats are building the skids under him to slide him out of office. The question is, how do they make Harris acceptable? Her poll numbers are worse than Biden’s

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Gee I wonder where sendgop saw this footage of sleepy pedo Joe Biden? Nevermind:

And in case you are worried about getting libruhl cancer or some such because it’s Rolling Stone, the original clips can be found here and here.

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Yea, Rolling Stone, I would not have expected any more from you.

Unable to read a post to completion, I see. I could be snide and reply with something like “That’s what I would suspect”, but I’ll just simply end with “typical”.

You and I have a mutual disrespect society, @Patooka. I don’t have much use for socialists who should know better by now. It never works, but some people keep pushing it, usually for personal gain. Bernie Sanders is a prime example.

I think that the old man is up to four houses by now including one on a lake. He has obviously taken the “socialist vow of poverty.” Yea, right.

Annd here is where I call crap. I have no problem with people profiting on their merits. I have a problem with people exploiting. In your world that makes me a socialist. Okay then, label me what you want. I will always be against slave labour and if that makes me a socialist, a communist, a whatever, so be it. I will always be against slave labour. Scum like yourself…well we know what you stand for.

But never mind me, Hunter Biden owns a laptop so we must all panic, right?

Certainly there’s going to be some eating of crow.

Months of media denial, then months of deflecting or ignoring it … Turns out, it actually matters, it’s being used to prosecute two of Biden’s family, and is not Russia disinfo.


Biden finally catching Obama’s attention “a moment later” doesn’t save him in that scene.

The implication is people were interested in talking to Veep and Obama, not him.

Good enough to convict him though, right?

I reckon if I put “Chopper”, “Wander” and “Trump” in a search engine I could find a billion times more evidence that a republican president is a worthless piece of crap. And that is my point. Sendgop is making an argument entirely in bad faith,.

But who cares what you think. You are clearly an anti semite.

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Calling you a socialist? Yeah… he does that.

I’am wondering though what “slave labor” is in this context. China became rich and has millions enjoying West-adjacent lifestyles because production and supply chains moved there. I don’t see that, fundamentally, as exploitation.

They do have slave labor, in the form of their jailed political dissidents, but it’s basically a rounding error in their total labor output, even if we assume their full jailed population works in that manner.

I’m not justifying it, fully behind any sanctions we can leverage to end it, but it’s not what has built or maintains livelihoods there or here.

I do hate circumcision…

Does your detestment of curcumcision translate into ant anti Israel or anti Jewish thought? Also have you heard of castration anxiety? Thirdly why care about a part of your body to never used to fulfill its purpose of making Children?

About a third of the nerve endings in the penis are in that skin we cutoff.

Robbing males of that sensitivity is thought to lead a higher % of men to seek rougher, more violent sex, as they’re basically fighting for stimulation.

The Christian God argues that the skin tempts you. Mine is medically altered for hygienic reasons that the AMA says Benefits Outweighs the risks. If that thing was any more sensitive, I’d have a seizure. The thing is a friggin hair trigger. You dodged the whole Jewish Question. Does Israel have a right to exist? Are Jewish people the same as other Caucasian/Semitic peoples, Like do you see an intrinsic value of a fairer skinned atheist in Lebanon, Hungary or Greece than that of a Jewish person?

Most medical associations around the world say otherwise at this point. America is a holdout in the developed world, and the justifications have non-surgical alternatives:

“Thought to,” eh?

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Nothing to really recommend the practice for. It just harms healthy tissue that serves a purpose.

No different than female circumcision. Which also effects the “patient” negatively.

I mean though, that study is more about infant pain. There was a common wisdom in medicine (still is in many places) that you don’t have to give pain relief to infants before a certain age because of belief they won’t form memories or can’t consciously perceive the pain as well as in later development. There’s a lot of new info coming out indicating that’s a myth. It was a trade off because giving anesthesia and other pain relievers to newborns can be dangerous in its own right.

This study is most strongly suggesting they are experiencing and processing the trauma of circumcision causing social issues later.