“Biden, please let us in” t-shirts

“Biden, please let us in.” That is what is appearing in t-shirts on the illegals who cross the border. Do any of you “progressives” care to comment on that. Do you want to comment about the thousands of unaccompanied minors who have been abandoned by their parents? Do you want to comment about the transmission of Covet by these people?

Let’s have some answers for you “progressives.” Defend you position.

My biggest takeaway? You’re uh, reading quite a lot into t-shirts.

Seeing as no one has the stomach to provide proof to this crap, I call b—s---.

Biden wants open borders. Prove it. Give me a clip where he said it. Otherwise, you are just lying.

Uh the… t-shirts? That’s pretty easy to find man:


Yep, play the race card. Is that the best you can do, @Gene?

When “progressives “ get backed in a corner with their failed policies, that’s the cliche they depend upon. It does not address the issues, but it sounds good to them.

How about the competition for jobs that the illegals give to poor African-American and Hispanic U.S. citizens? How about the burdens they place on local school systems which provide opportunities for poor American minorities? My mother was able to deal with one Spanish speaking student successfully in her class when she was a teacher. What do you do when you have a room full of them? What about the spread of Covet which you “progressives” say is more lethal for minorities?

These are important questions, and there are many more. But I know - the race card answers all of them.

And the real reason why your “progressive“ leaders push this policy is not to make these peoples’ lives better. It’s so the Democrat Party can win more elections and be in complete control forever.

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t give a damn about these people. If they came on her walled in estate, her security guards would kick them out in nothing flat. She won’t rub elbows with them or have anything to do with them except maybe use them as props for a photo op.

I didn’t, the meme just so happens to contain an african american arm. Had nothing to do with the point of it.

The idea is that both of the captions make people say “ooh, big stretch”

  1. Cats wake up, they stretch and you’re obligated to compliment their stretch

  2. The joke of the meme, conservative arguments “stretching” the truth

I posted it because again, I think you’re reading too much into what a few people had on their t-shirts

And you are ignoring a big problem that is getting worse by the day. But that’s another game “progressives” play. They ignore problems when they don’t have solutions or don’t like the solution, which to have an orderly immigration process that is fair to those who want to enter this country.

Trump was striving toward achieving that, but since he’s your “boogeyman” you opposed his actions as a reflex instead of reasoned thought.

I… don’t follow.

The people with the T-shirts want to be let in; the Biden Administration is letting them in. That’s why more of the “cage” processing centers were being re-opened.

Shouldn’t the discussion be on whether that’s a good idea? Or what is or isn’t real about COVID containment on the topic?

What’s “the stretch?”

That the T-shirts have any deeper meaning or add insight into Biden is absurd.


All that’s being implied is that they want in (because that’s what the words mean), and Biden is letting them in (because he opened those centers up, his own press secretary talked about it, and the picture is at a border crossing).

What “deeper meaning”? What “insight”?

Is this some implied backlog conversation between you and Send I’m not in the loop on?

First of all, cool the lying accusation, please. You want to say his comment is crap, that’s okay. Target the post, not the poster.

Second, I think that the hundred day amnesty for illegal aliens that he instituted (and the Federal courts shot down) makes a pretty strong case for his desire to open the border, or at least ramp up the illegals so as to legitimize them as citizens (and Democrat voters) at a later date.

Alaska Slim mentioned the COVID angle. There’s no COVID screening for illegals, yet Biden wants to let them in even though he just called the Mississippi and Texan full reopening policies “Neanderthal.”

For the record, he didn’t, that’s a well-known meme template.

This is not implying fortnite streamers are black.

Hah, maybe something to that effect. My bad. I was attributing more meaning than Send explicitly wrote in his post, and that was my mistake. You’re right though, I’m going to take a step back on this post.

who provided the tee shirts?

The Democrats.

Does anyone think that the illegals bought them at the immigration souvenir store on their way across the border? They even have the Biden campaign logo on them with a very specific illegal immigrant message. They were not left over from the Biden campaign.



GOOD LORD. Have you ever seen predator??? … Holy… WOW

It has nothing to do with race. omfg this just ruined my life a little bit and it will never recover

Hahaha got me there. I actually had no idea it was from Predator, never seen it. It betrays my age a bit, but the movie was a bit before my time. Damn 90s kids I guess.

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Well Gene. Today I invite you to watch one of the best sci fi movies ever made. It spawned a lot of crappy sequels, but part 1 and 2 are definitely worth your time. And there is no racism involved. Predator 1 includes a racially diverse special forces military team that goes into the jungle and blah blah blah. Part 2 stars a black protagonist.

Like I said, no racism on any level. Just a lot of fun and a truly great movie monster. I forgot you’re like 30 years younger than me, my bad. Either way it’s a great movie for people of any race, nationality, political slant, … age maybe. XD

The were some images of the migrants who are currently in Mexico last night. They had a “Biden for President” flag flying in their camp in addition to a number of the wearing Biden T-shirts.

I wonder who supplied those items to them? Could it be that we have some Democrat Party campaign workers south of the border?

At any rate, we see the primary motivation for this crisis. Get the illegals into the United States. Give them medical care, and get them on the dole. Make them citizens ASAP. Pass HR-1, if that fails, which will facilitate voter fraud, and make the United States a one party country with all of fraud and corruption that comes with it.