Biden rally

Well, at least they had safe spaces!


What’s really funny is that Biden won’t win the election. Literally all Biden (the gaff-machine) has to do is stay home because Trump will lose it all by himself.

Jimmy Carter could come back and win this election.

Why would anyone want to vote for a man who is only partially aware of his surroundings?

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This shows how pathetic you are. Trump had this economy up and running for everyone who wanted to work, including Hispanics and people of color, before the Chinese Communist virus took over.

Now you are ready to vote for a man with dementia because you hate capitalism so much. You have already made it clear that you will vote for Biden because he’s not Trump. That’s the position of the typical radical Democrat. To hell with the country, WE WANT CONTROL!

Don’t give me your crap about how “elements of capitalism are a good thing.” You are far left loon who would vote for the Corona virus before you would vote for Trump or stand aside because you don’t like the choices. You can hurl any insult you want at me. I’ve read your crap, and you are not worth my time.


You really like disrespecting me don’t you?

That’s how incredibly out of touch you are. Not surprising though.

Talk about projection.

Trump is a guy who can’t even get a drink of water without using two hands.

I admit that’s a tough one.

You’ve said that before, but you always come back. I have that effect on people. :slight_smile:

Agreed, are you voting for Biden too?

The position of the radical-right is to side with a man who has, now we know, asked for, no begged for help from our enemies. You want to vote for a traitor, your call.

I’d sooner vote for my cat, then Trump.

What is that?

Ha ha…, NO!

I didn’t know your cat is a politician…, is it a Russian Blue?

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Biden is literally more of a corporate stooge than anyone. He loves capitalism. You could tattoo Bank of America on his forehead because they own him.

Trump is to Biden’s Left on economics and trade.

Good to see you back CWolf.

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Biden had a “rally” yesterday at which exactly 9 people showed up…mostly press.

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That’s his campaign staff.


you’re pathetic.

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Look, even Henry Winkler can do it.