Biden’s handling of Afghanistan should have some independent voters …

Thinking about why they would to hand over their health care, their children’s care and almost every other aspect of their lives over to the bureaucracy in Washington. Do you really think that they can manage programs costing $5 trillion dollars when they totally botched a withdrawal from a third world country that should have been in the works for years?

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I thought they fixed health care over a decade ago.

No, Obama Care was only the first step. They want “single payer” where the government pays for everything. Remember Medicare fraud? Single payer will be that on steroids, especially if the fraudsters pony up to the Democrat Party plus the Biden, Clinton and whoever else political crime families.

AOC and the Squad probably want government to run all health care directly.

It occurs to me that the complaining about weapons left there that fell into the hands of the Taliban. If Biden had removed them all, then you all would have blamed the fall of the country on the fact that Biden took the means to defend themselves from the Taliban.

Further, the Administration has been telling people to leave since March. My guess is that no one on the Afghan side believed we’d leave. SURPRISE!

Interesting observation and probably true.

Biden has said that the plan had unanimous support from military and intelligence leaders. If this is true the entire top level of the military and intelligence need to be FIRED IMMEDIATELY for gross incompetence and/or outright lying. If this isn’t true, Biden needs to go IMMEDIATELY. Kamala has largely been giving lip service (pun intended) to the far left, she was a law and order AG. She can’t do worse than Joe.

My personal opinion is that the military/industrial establishment has been milking the system for decades spending trillions on the Afghan National Security Force. They could not bring themselves to admit what they all knew … the ANSF is the worst army in the world. Maybe they actually thought that the Afghans would hold out against the Taliban for at least a few months to a year. Our military leaders would then have some cover for their malfeasance.

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See that’s what I’m talking about…Nice. Kudos to you.

Well, I don’t know if I’d support that exactly, but we do need to know who knew what and consequences should follow if they are warranted. Though, no matter how you look at this, to some extent it’s hard to imagine there was some lying or unforgivable ignorance…


And there you have it!!!

And you’ll never get an investigation on that one, because almost everyone, left, right, and middle, private and the government has their hand in that cookie jar.

But before we fire all of Congress and give the power back to the states, remember state legislators are just as corrupt if not more so.

Sounds reasonable.

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No matter how you spin it, Biden screwed up every aspect of the Afghanistan withdraw. He should have sent secret messages to the embassy about what his withdrawal plans were. He should have been quietly informing Americans that it was time to leave. He should have provided military support for Americans to get to both airports, Boggan and Kobalt. This should have been in-place before he made any public announcements.

Instead he announced to the world we would be out by September 11, 2021, a stupid selection for a withdrawal date if there ever was one. The radical Muslims have almost made that date a holiday for their movement. Then he announced that he would be out completely by August 31, another dumb move.

He set our service people up to be sitting ducks for a terrorist attack. The result was 13 dead Marines.

Biden doesn’t care about the dead service people. He just wants to turn the page and get on with the socialist Democrat program that his “puppet masters” have told him to push.

The Biden – Democrat spin doctors can keep churning, but it will make no difference. You can’t turn manure into sugar. The best move for them is to ignore the issue and hope that Americans will have short memories. Most of them will. There are probably at least 10 to 20% of them who don’t know that anything bad has happened in Afghanistan.

In the latest poll only 51% of Americans say Biden is doing a bad job. Thirty-eight percent approve of his performance. When I was in my 20s and the “the greatest generation,” who fought World War II were still a significant part of the electorate, Biden’s approval rating would be in the 20 to 30 percent range. There would have been a move to impeach him. But none of that is going to happen because the American people are more concerned with handouts that good government.

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Donald Trump hasn’t had his hand in that cookie jar. He was, in my opinion, too restrained in his first term. I hope to see him unleashed in his second term. He has plenty of practice with “YOUR FIRED”.

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That cookie jar? Probably not, but the fact is, even if he wins the Presidency again, he has to convince people that have every incentive not to investigate, to investigate.


Fire them and fire their replacements if needed, Put Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani in charge of the FBI and the DOJ. If the senate won’t confirm them veto everything they send to you. That’s what I mean by unleashed. The establishment will howl but we need to restore confidence in our Justice Department, I am not alone in considering them an enemy of We the People. The two tier justice system must be eliminated.


LOL, that really made me laugh out loud.

Yes, let’s let political hitmen run the DOJ, you just fell off the “reasonable boat” with that comment.

You say hitmen, I say targets.

Feds are more corrupt, that’s just inevitable from an organizational standpoint and the amount of money involved.

Corruption is a consequence of remoteness; a lack of a tight loop of connection or accountability to the people they expend resources in the name of; and Feds are (on average) more remote than State level bureaucrats.

It’s for this same reason that City states are (on average) better run than nation states.

Our Federal Government is too big, doing too many things. It leaves too many gaps for errant behavior to seize and become the norm. This is even more true for anything we do overseas, which is of course, by its very nature, driven by even more remote decision making.

Cities and States too can fall into organizational syndromes of corruption or ineptitude, but there, at least people can leave and choose places with better governance, or at least governance that matches their values.

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If corruption is based on the amount of money in question, then yes.

Yeah, I’d say it’s the opposite. It’s the closeness that leads to corruption. People hold biases and familiarity, friendships, and family relations and feel more obligated to overlook and make excuses for others. On the other side familiarity with others makes it easier to approach others with corrupt schemes because they know they have influence not only to co-opt others but also that even those who refuse to take part won’t rat them out.

This is why police overlook crimes committed by other police. It is the familiarity and belonging to a group.

Lastly, local media is disappearing. This leaves huge gaps in local reporting and makes “room” for corruption to go unnoticed.

Toe-mato, ta-mato…

Well, I look forward to them proving their case in court as they are sued for billions in thealleged lies they told about voting machines.

If they are “targets” then all of that info should be made public and they should be exonerated and the lid blown off the 2020 election.

Or they were political hitmen as I allege and they will cave, fail to offer any defense and be found guilty.

I have my money on the second option



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This will never go to trial. Dominion would be subject to discovery. It’s just another smokescreen.

It’s coming despite democrat obstruction.

Defense to what? No charges brought against them despite FBI investigation and fishing expeditions they can’t even manufacture a process crime.

BOTTOM LINE: IF Joe Biden got 81 million votes and pulled off this election from his basement the democrats would be transparent and rub our noses in the fully examined election results. Instead we have nonstop obstruction, slow walking, continued defiance of lawful subpoenas, numerous violations of state election laws before, during and after election day and censorship through their Big Tech running dogs.

Give me a rational explanation of this behavior or we have nothing further to discuss re the election.


Not criminal, civil.

But as you stated, if they are being sued they have a GOLDEN opportunity for discovery. I mean, if your right this is a favor, is it not?

My guess is they won’t take the opportunity because they know the manure they’ve been shoveling. My guess is this will get settled out of court with Rudy and Powell admitting in court they can’t substantiate their claims, despite their opportunities for discovery and will be made to apologize. Then as soon as that’s over they’ll be back on OAN spouting nonsense about the case.

Nah, your point works into mine and is subsumed by it.

The bigger the population you represent, the more you need the backing of large interests to win elections, industrial, labor, governmental, or otherwise. You lose connection to the community in favor of just those who can give you backing at scale. Same to bureaucrats working within that system when they don’t live among the people they’re making those decisions for.

If you don’t suffer personal (or social) consequences for your decisions, there’s not much of a feedback loop.

Communal and regionals systems work better, and are more accountable than national ones. Regardless of whatever service you want to compare this on.

For instance, the Swedes have a regional, decentralized (ergo not national) healthcare system for this very reason. The national authorities have some regulatory power, but its the region and localities who fund and run it.

Switzerland and Denmark run their own and other Governmental functions the same way, and their systems are some of the least corrupt in the world, according to the index.

Their lawmakers credit their decentralized approach for why that’s the case.

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The Swedish plan sounds like a good one if government run health care is your goal. People talk about “the economies of scale,” but after a while, an entity becomes so big that it gets to be unmanageable. Most aspects of the Federal Government have been there for a long time. Yet, the Democrats insist in making it bigger and bigger with no concept about how they are going to run it with any ideas about how to do it well.

The Democrats remind me of how I was when I was a sophomore in college. I had all sorts of liberal ideas, yet I had no idea about how they would be run. It was all glamour and none of the hard work connected with administrating it. That’s where the Democrats in Congress are now. They have never grown up or gotten any wiser.