Biden’s handling of Afghanistan should have some independent voters …

I’m still not convinced.

You also didn’t address the media and the fact that at the national level there is a lot more visibility than there is at the state and local level.

I’d bet less than 1/2 of people could tell you who their mayor is (in places where there’s a mayor).

It’s based probably more on the fact that there’s more insulation from consequences.

Disagree. Although nepotism and such does happen at state and local levels, there’s more of a direct nature that constituents can do at those levels.

I may not hear as much about what’s going on in Boise as I do about DC, but I’m hearing it for Harrisburg and Albany. The locals concerned hear about their local politics if they’re looking for it; and many do. That’s why our own Governor Tom Wolfe lost his emergency pandemic powers; we voted an amendment to the PA Constitution that restricted such powers in the long term without approval from the legislature.

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These are all fair points. When I look for something impartial on Google I can’t find much.

If anyone can find anything impartial, let me know.

Decentralization and Corruption - Evidence across Countries.pdf (96.1 KB)

So having more tiers of governance increases corruption, and so can not having established limits on spending at the local level.

It’s also more likely to have accountability from local authorities when they derive their funding from fees vs fiscal grants.

This is on page 2 of the conservative handbook.



Look, there’s a lot of misinformation out there and we’re both subject to it. All I know is that recounts in states Trump lost turned up nothing. At this point it’s the tail wagging the dog and there’s nothing I can say to change your mind.