Biden sells art. Issues?

Hmm. You noticed they asked the gallery “to reject any suspicious offers, or those that come in far above the asking prices,” and that “identities of bidders would also remain secret, … to avoid any claims of preferential treatment,” so you figure the Bidens are doing the honorable and ethical thing. Right? And you want to see if we Republicans are so biased against them that we can’t see straight to realize just how ethical the Biden family is. Correct?

Well if I may challenge the highly esteemed Biden family’s motives, I notice the asking prices “will range from $75,000 to $500,000.” At first I thought these were paintings by famous artists and I wondered how Hunter acquired them. But no, we’re talking about art by Hunter himself who’s famous for smoking dope and for grumbling about having to share his bribe money with his famously corrupt father. Half a million bucks a pop?

Also, just because the buyer remains secret to the public is no guarantee at all that they haven’t arranged things in advance with the Bidens’ full knowledge in expectation of favors. This money transfer is only slightly more clever than Hillary’s lucky cattle futures trade.

Yeah, I’d say there are probably issues. But these issues will have to wait in line behind a long line of more treacherous issues.

Could you imagine the uproar of one of Donald Trump’s sons suddenly became “an artist” and starting selling his work to anonymous buyers at the prices up half a million dollars? The press would be all over it. The “buyers’ would not be able to keep their identities secret for long, and the press would be looking for any quid pro quo that they could find, real and imagined. Adam Schiff would be doing back flips and would crank up his “star chamber” in the basement of the Capitol again.

This is such an obvious influence peddling, it’s amazing that the Bidens have the brass to do it. But Hunter and Joe know that the press will cover for them.

In the meantime, we have learned that Hunter was paying part of Joe’s living expenses and complaining about it. Poor Hunter! After daddy gets him the high paying gigs, he’s ticked because he has to give something in return.

It’s called “quid pro quo” Hunter, and you should know the rules by now since you have been in “the business” for many years.

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First, before I say anything, let me say that I am opposed to Hunter selling his art under these circumstances.

Hunter isn’t “suddenly” an artist. He’s been an artist for quite some time. Though, I suspect, because I can’t find anything for sure, that this is the first time he’s sold it.

And there were plenty of things the Trumps did that wasn’t illegal but unethical, so you should have no problem with this, if you are being consistent.

The press is all over it.

The press, especially conservative press is looking. But don’t worry, if they don’t find anything, I’m sure a few outlets will make something up.

I’ve been an artist since I could hold a crayon if you want to get technical. But I’m pretty sure if I tried selling one of my pictures today, CSBROWN, people would probably tend to say I’m “suddenly” an artist. Even though I’ve been an artist for “quite some time.”


There is a difference between this:

And this:

(both done in crayon btw…)

Please…Why don’t you share your “art”?

Are you claiming Hunter Biden did that, @csbrown28?

Here’s an example of real Hunter Biden art. Would you want this on your wall?


Though the Washington Post actually had something closer to what I expected:

what’s the difference? I thought art was totally subjective?

The one with the Chinese note on is a real joke if it really is a Hunter Biden “masterpiece.”

I don’t know if you are pulling our leg or not.

I doubt the man knows any french at all so at least we know he didn’t create the quote

It’s a reference to a famous surrealist painting by René Magritte


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Hunter did graduate from Georgetown University and Yale Las School, so he learned something before he learned the wonders of crack cocaine.

So he has a sense of humor. So do a lot of other people. The point is that paying him prices like this for his art is a joke, especially given his qualifications in light of his family connections.


Do you know what those words mean Gene? I can translate for you if you don’t want to google it. Je parle francais en petite peu.

I took French in high school, mais je ne parle pas français très bien.

C’est bon. Biden’s picture says “this is not a pipe”

I’m not getting it. Is that what he tells himself before he picks up his? …

this is not a crack addiction

I’m paraphrasing here

The story goes that René Magritte would tell people “this is not a pipe” when they would argue it was, he would say “no, it’s merely a painting, you can’t smoke from it”, therefore it’s technically true that it’s “not a pipe”

Yeah, artists have always been kinda weird

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I think we’re missing the point. I’m pretty sure the “painting” I posted with the French is intended to mock Hunter, not represent his actual work. No doubt the artist thought everyone would be familiar with the famous painting that @Gene posted.

Hey! That makes it a meme, doesn’t it @gutsandcasca?

If anyone can prove there is influence peddling, then Hunter and accomplices, regardless of who it is, should be punished for it.

That is, unless it’s the President, because, apparently, the last administration proved that the President, at least while he is President, is above the law.

Wouldn’t be my choice mind you, but that is apparently the country we now live in.

Oh good grief.

President Trump endured a two year invasive anal exam by 19 aggressive, thoroughly motivated lawyers who were desperate to find something, anything, to discredit him and impeach him with. And it wasn’t like they had difficulty searching because he cooperated fully.

But after two years, all they could find were 400 pages of press clippings of stories by “anonymous sources” that they themselves undoubtedly made up and leaked to the media. Finding nothing, they made up a fraudulent charge to impeach him on. The Democrats are well practiced at making stuff up.


If he had wanted to cooperate, why didn’t he sit for an interview as Bill Clinton did back in the 1990’s?

Why did Trump ask his former campaign chairman Corey Lewandowski, a private citizen, to tell then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to reverse his decision to recuse himself from the Russia investigation and publicly announce that the special counsel’s investigation would focus only on future elections, and not the 2016 election?

Why did Mueller find “substantial evidence” to support multiple counts of obstruction of justice, including 10 episodes involving President Donald Trump interfering with the investigation?

Why does the same report go on to state that in light of these “identified gaps,” in the evidence, “the Office cannot rule out the possibility that the unavailable information would shed additional light on (or cast in a new light) the events described in the report.”

Cooperation? I don’t know what’s worse, you knowingly lying about it, or the fact you might acctually believe that.