Biden town hall

Well. Honestly.

You democrats have just lost all credibility. This is YOUR dude. This is YOUR mouthpiece. He speaks for all of you. I’m afraid all of you… :rofl: All of you must be dumb as a rock. I mean dumb as a really dumb, mentally impaired rock.

Sorry, that was uncalled for. I apologize for the name calling. But come on. Do you think I’ll ever take a biden voter seriously ever again? Heck NO! Wow.

I can’t handle the astronomical amount of sheer brain power pouring out from the messiah of the democrats. Just. Wow.

Biden was nothing but a device to get the Democrats elected and Trump out of office. The Democrats had to get him nominated, no matter how impaired he is, because the alternative was Bernie Sanders, a self-described socialist. If Sanders had won the Democrat nomination, Trump would have probably won.

Most Americans are not ready for socialism, but that’s what they have voted into office. The two senatorial elections in Georgia might be the last link the Democrats needed. Shame on the Republicans who told Republican voters to stay home from that race because their votes won’t count. That might have been the last election where their votes WOULD COUNT if the Democrats get HR-1 and Senate Bill 1 passed. If they do, mail-in voting from the cemeteries and drop box vote harvesting will insure victory for they from now on.

The Democrats might save Liz Chaney as a “token Republican” however. She and Nancy Pelosi have become quite a team.

I have respect for Dick Chaney. If he still has his mind, he must not be happy with his daughter at this time. At least the Bush family RINO didn’t vote for the Democrats this time. They threw their vote away with a write-in which made them feel better, I guess.

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I… I can’t handle it. Can anyone defend this? Anyone? I want to hear someone stand up and account for this man. Please twist his words into something that make sense. Tell me I’m hearing him wrong or something. Before all my hope for the USA is dashed.

??? What is going on!!!

I take it you are writing about Biden and not me.

Biden makes no sense because his mind is fading fast. I watched the same thing with my mother in her final years and in my father-in-law who died a week and a half ago. He went from a trained engineer to a person who could not operate a telephone or a TV remote. He couldn’t tell one device from another. He talked about coming home from the hospital to see a cat he had had that died over 25 years ago.

That’s what Biden is becoming. He’s supposed to be leading this country. He isn’t. Shame on the Democrats who have done this to us knowingly.


Hey, did any of you actually watch the town hall? Like, start to finish? Don’t say you “can’t” either, I sat through plenty of Trump streams of consciousness “speeches”

I will not waste my life listening the pathetic stammering of a deranged man. I limited my time with Trump also. Catching highlights was enough. I have much better things to do.

Note that Democrats only bring up Trump, who is now in the rear view mirror. They can’t address the problems with their own leadership.


I’m saying the “highlights” are misleading. The original Hannity link was a joke.

“It was an unmitigated disaster, but as always we’ll let you decide for yourself” proceeds to show less than 2 minutes of the whole thing while cherry picking parts he was stuttering and taking them out of the context of the question asked

@Gene, you see Biden as a great Democrat; I see befuddled old man. Did you see him at a store when he was asked to respond to question and he starting reaching into his coat pocket for an answer and couldn’t find one? It was pathetic.

You are a far leftist @Gene. You love the Democrats and want them in complete control. That’s why you can’t see anything wrong with Biden.

I’ll freely admit that I can’t agree with Biden on any issue, except for some aspects of the vaccine. Still I have posted here, that I had problems with Trump as well. I like Ron DeSantis the Governor Florida, but I disagree with him on the cruse ship vaccine passport policy.

That’s the big difference because Republicans and Democrats. Republicans can disagree with our leaders.

The people on your side can’t disagree with your leadership, because you think that party unity is required. That is simple minded and dangerous.

We are people with brains, not a pack of dogs or herd of cattle. Communists demand perfect party discipline. People who believe in freedom do not.


I don’t think you understand what a leftist is. The left LOATHES Biden. We wanted Bernie. And that’s not even the true radical left. There’s even harder left people who think Bernie was a poser and did not go nearly far enough.

In fact, I think I’ve even seen @Doug1943 mention it here before. Infighting is classic behavior for the American left. The left outnumbers the right, but we love to cut off our nose to spite the face. Trump only won in 2016 because so many on the left were unwilling to vote for Hillary. I myself voted 3rd party in 2016.

@Gene, what you folks are up to right now is pretty extreme. You want to use created government money to pay for every social program you have ever dreamed of starting.

Three trillion dollars is a staggering amount of money. The increase in the money supply that results from that plus increases in aggregate demand is highly inflationary and threatens to ruin the monetary system. This is a recipe for disaster, but if you look at the Democrats in the House and the Senate, they have perfect party discipline. They vote as a block. AOC runs her mouth, but she votes with the rest of them. .

At the same time you paying American workers to stay home and draw unemployment checks. Then you have the gull to say that we have a “labor shortage” and need the illegals to fill the gap.

You have done away with the southern border of the United States. You are distributing illegal aliens all over the United States with the goal of using them to help stuff the ballots boxes. You will “pay” them with free health care, free housing, free food and free money.

The question for you is, who is going to make the goods and services to support the drones? Money is like the oil you put in your engine. In the proper amounts it makes the machinery run smoothly. It does not create food, shelter and the others needs of life, but some stupid leftists think that it does.

Are there more radical leftists? Of course. There is ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter. Both of those groups are far more violent.

There are leftists who think that they have the government own and run everything and hand out goods and services out according to need. To do that, they will need to take the property of people who have earned it, and kill them if necessary. That was the promise of the old Soviet Union, and it failed. Ditto for Cuba and Venezuela. Running a top down economy sounds easy, but it’s not.

Your folk hero Che Guevara was very good at killing people, but he didn’t have clue as to how to run an economy. He failed miserably when Castro gave him the job.

Oh, and by the way, did you know that Che hated gay people? I thought you would like to know that.

Taking everything from the rich will keep things going for a few months. After that, you guys are on your own. That’s when people start looking for meals from garbage trucks.

But I know, you know how to make it work … yea right. Communism has failed over and over again, but you know all the answers.

And there is the Communist China model which has Communists at the top who hand out favors to corporations and allow individuals to run business that keep the economy running. That’s the model Schumer, Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, the Biden Crime Family and the other Retail Democrats want. They get very rich while they promise to give everything to “the poor.” In the end, they deliver nothing, but they talk a good game.

As a socialist you should hate that model. Maybe that’s why you don’t like Biden, but you defend him here.

I know there are much worse elements in the leftist movement. Pol Pot in Cambodia was one of them. He needed to change every aspect of society. He needed to kill people to save them. At least there is some justice, He got what he deserved in the end.

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Sure. The American Left, like the American Right, is a many-splendored thing. You fight among each other, and so do we.

But on both sides, there is a spectrum.

In one sense, furthest Left folks are the Leninists: the Progressive Labor Party, the Revolutionary Communist Party, the various Trotskyist groups, one of which has just done an ‘entry’ into the DSA. They’re actually old-fashioned Marxists who don’t despise their own working class. And, yes, they hate the Democratic Party and even Bernie. (Although one sect, the League for the Revolutionary Party, actually came out for voting for Biden.) But they have little direct influence. You have to read books in order to join them, and follow orders, which greatly limits their appeal to modern radical kids.

Then there are the anarchists or quasi-hemi-demi-anarchists of AntiFa and the Black Bloc. Many spoiled brats so far as I can see, who make up a strong argument for the return of conscription. Not bad at beating up Republican grandmothers, and very good for people like me who are working to get my side aroused and organized … but not a real threat in the long term.

Then there is the Democratic Socialists of America, who are also, in their leadership, old-fashioned Marxists … some of them from the Trotskyist tradition and quite anti-Stalinist. But they cannot resist the ‘identity politics’ which now characterizes the modern Left. And they have had spectacular growth in the last few years. I think they’re approaching 100 000 members. They recently took over the Nevada Democratic Party, causing a split there – the losers ran off with the treasury, apparently.

Their growth has attracted the attention of various Leninists, who are now boring from within. But the DSA leadership include some old bruisers who learned how to faction fight sixty years ago, from people who fought the Communist Party decades earlier, and who are not going to let some modern-day Trotskyites bust up their operation without a fight. Expect some fireworks there soon. [Those interested in sectariana need to Google ‘The French Turn’. Or go to Facebook and find ‘Leftist Trainspotters’. Or get on Louis Proyect’s Marxist email list. (He’s probably the best of the ‘orthodox’ but non-sectarian Marxist writers today. Understands the negative effects of anti-Fa’s antics, doesn’t want to dissolve into the Democratic Party, not for trying to build yet another Vanguard Party. And has a really interesting ‘comic book’ history of his time in the 1960s and 70s. And will tell you frankly why there must not be free elections in Cuba.]

The people who are actually destroying America are none of these. They’re the ones implementing Critical Race Theory thought contol in the schools and military, our core institutions. They would call themselves ‘progressives’.

I don’t actually know nearly as much about them as I’d like to. Just reading Truthout and Counterpunch and the Nation and similar voices of the more conscious ‘Progessives’ doesn’t give much of an insight (to me at least) to the thinking of the mainstream Progressive Left.

In particular, I don’t understand why the ‘deep state’ has so readily absorbed the Progessive outlook. I absolutely understood their alarm over Trump five years ago, and I shared it. But I thought that with Trump defeated, we would see a return to the Democratic Party of Obama and Bill Clinton. (Both are unfairly demonized on the Right. But if you think they were bad, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.)

But no. We see five star generals embracing Critical Race Theory. Soon we’ll have Marine rifle companies with transgendered platoon leaders, and a nice mix of nubile young women in the rifle squads to compensate. Should do wonders for unit cohesion.

So … although I sort of understand the rich tapestry of the Left, I don’t understand how the mainstream progressive identitarian Amerikkka-is-ugly-and-racist left has managed to seduce the ruling class and its agents.

And I’d like to. All proportions guarded, it’s like Lenin, in 1914, who was shocked when the Socialist International, having passed all sorts of nice resolutions over the preceding years about how the workers of their respective countries would never fight each other, etc… then turned on itself and became virulent patriots, with German Social Democrats bayonetting French SFIO members.

He eventually worked out an explanation which satisfied him: the working class was influenced by a ‘labor aristocracy’ which had been bought off by the proceeds of imperialism.

Anyway, if anyone can explain to me what has happened to America, I’d be very grateful.

This guy describes it well, but doesn’t know why it’s happening either:

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I would not put Clinton and Obama in the same category. Clinton was the best Democrat President since Kennedy. He actually agreed with many of the core principles of the capitalism. I would compare him to Hubert Humphrey.

Obama is a socialist with underlying dose of radical Muslim mixed in. He’s never really left the roots his father sowed into him. He’s just more subversive about it than the hard core radical Muslims. He admires their goals, but not their methods. That’s why he wasn’t shy about killing their leadership with drones.

Obama dislikes the Jewish people and hates Israel. That’s why his relationship with them was so bad. He has a soft spot for Iran. Once more, he likes their goals, but no always their methods. When you consider that, it’s no surprise that he gave them pallet of cold hard cash to fund their movement through out the Middle East.

Some say Obama is pulling a lot of the strings today behind the scenes. It’s obvious that Biden isn’t pulling them.

That’s simple. The radical professors in the colleges and the universities grabbed the minds of many of our young and middle aged people. That’s why so many of them find what the Socialist Democrats are doing so appealing.

“The power elite” went out and made their money, but once they got rich, their goals turned to imposing socialism on the American people. Bill Gates is a prime example. There are many like him in the economic power structure of this country, especially in Silicon Valley. They can’t seem to grasp the negative results that come from top down control and managed economies.

That’s why guys like Gates make me so angry. Their motto is, “I got mine, now you can’t earn or keep yours. Now that I’m rich and powerful, I am going to remake society with the socialist model.” Of course they figure that their revolution won’t effect their lives at all. They will remain in their ivory towers and look down at the rest of us. .

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Now, c’mon guy. They’re just matching our Trump.
There are really smart people on both sides. And really dumb people on both sides.
Our people are Pure and Good, theirs are Wicked and Evil, but still …

I think both Trump and Biden show how arbitrary the democratic political process can be … .and in general, how history – despite the existence of general laws, social trends, and all that – really does depend on accident, and in particular the accident of personalities.

And what bothers me is that Putin and Xi are both pretty smart guys. Whereas on our side …

Hitler and Stalin were smart too, but they were also evil as hell. Unfortunately our sharply divided political system has elected a real pair of clunkers in Biden and Harris. Neither of them is up to the job.

At least some Democrats saw that FDR’s health was failing in 1944 and got the Henry Wallace off the ticket with Harry Truman as his replacement. At other times, our economic system has pulled us through. Now, with the far left Democrat leadership pushing policies that will destroy the economic system, and Xi looking to dominate the world, with the wherewithal to do it, we are facing a major crisis.

This – the major crisis which seems to be on the horizon – seems to be becoming more and more obvious.

But … what can we do about it?

What I find frustrating is that there are so many people who are patriots, even a few not on the Right, at every level of political sophistication, who seem to realize this … and we’re all standing around watching the crisis develop, and not doing anything about it.

And although the cry of ‘fascism’ is mainly a Lefty Bogey-man, if the US had a major, prolonged crisis of 1929 proportions … maybe combined with a military humiliation at the hands of China … we might see the rise of real fascist movement in the US.

Yes. Indeed there is.

I don’t know if any of you will get that.

We can’t do anything about it or the left and the media will call us racists.

Hey Gene. I trust you to be honest on behalf of the left. Please post some clips of Trump saying some incoherent meaningless geriatric incomprehensible babble. I trust the media will be on your side. I’ve never personally seen Trump do this, but perhaps I’ve been hoodwinked by the right wing media. I will compare your offerings to the bounty we have from your messiah. If my ex-president was truly as mentally deranged as your current president I want to know.

I’ll take that as a no, you didn’t actually watch the Biden town hall.

For Trump, there were quite a few notable gaffes I could dredge up if you like. Otherwise for him it had a lot more to do with his almost complete lack of a filter and paper thin skin.

Same old tied response. Trump is history; Biden is now; and because of that the U.S. screwed.

But maybe, as a socialist of the world, that’s what you want.

I thought @Gene didn’t like this guy, but he’s always defending him.