Biden Win Equals V shaped Recovery

Heaven forbid, but my guess is that a Dem/Biden victory on November 3 will mean a quick economic recovery.

Why? Simple, really. Miraculously, should Biden and the Dems win on the 3rd, on November 4th Covid-19 will be deemed to pose less of a threat and wonder of wonders, Dem controlled states will end the economic shutdown/slowdown imposed on the US economy and school system. School system? Sure - keep the very least impacted population home - the kiddies - and you keep their parents from returning to work.

As an aside, the reason I have all but stopped posting on this site is because for the last 9 months I’ve been shuttling back and forth to Costa Rica overseeing our home being built. There are simply too many ignorant, self-destructive people in the US for me to take in all the BS produced on a daily basis. I have only one vote - and I can cast it from Costa Rica…

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Wow, nice idea! Escape the madness to Costa Rica.

For the past several decades I’ve watched the ties that make us a country slowly being destroyed at the hands of one-sided, non-inquisitive, advocacy-driven media posing as news outlets and a university system churning out future leaders propagandized by left-wing advocates posing as professors. This frontal assault on our culture and basic institutions has been approaching critical mass for at least a decade. The damage has been increasing at an ever increasing rate. Never in our history has such destruction been condoned, even encouraged, by such a large number of political leaders. Those who have injected this poison of hate/destruction/loathing of America into the veins of our homeland appear on the verge of driving a stake through her heart. I don’t require a front row seat to the execution.

If Biden wins, the internal destruction of many of our freedoms/rights and institutions will be assured. If Trump wins, the assault on our freedoms and rights, both figuratively and on our streets, will continue by those on the far Left. In either case, America will never be the same again…

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Well it is nice to escape to another country, but I can’t do that, so I would much rather stay and fight for my country, as feeble as I have become. I can still use words, and write my treatises, in my time.