Biden Win Equals V shaped Recovery

Heaven forbid, but my guess is that a Dem/Biden victory on November 3 will mean a quick economic recovery.

Why? Simple, really. Miraculously, should Biden and the Dems win on the 3rd, on November 4th Covid-19 will be deemed to pose less of a threat and wonder of wonders, Dem controlled states will end the economic shutdown/slowdown imposed on the US economy and school system. School system? Sure - keep the very least impacted population home - the kiddies - and you keep their parents from returning to work.

As an aside, the reason I have all but stopped posting on this site is because for the last 9 months I’ve been shuttling back and forth to Costa Rica overseeing our home being built. There are simply too many ignorant, self-destructive people in the US for me to take in all the BS produced on a daily basis. I have only one vote - and I can cast it from Costa Rica…

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Wow, nice idea! Escape the madness to Costa Rica.

For the past several decades I’ve watched the ties that make us a country slowly being destroyed at the hands of one-sided, non-inquisitive, advocacy-driven media posing as news outlets and a university system churning out future leaders propagandized by left-wing advocates posing as professors. This frontal assault on our culture and basic institutions has been approaching critical mass for at least a decade. The damage has been increasing at an ever increasing rate. Never in our history has such destruction been condoned, even encouraged, by such a large number of political leaders. Those who have injected this poison of hate/destruction/loathing of America into the veins of our homeland appear on the verge of driving a stake through her heart. I don’t require a front row seat to the execution.

If Biden wins, the internal destruction of many of our freedoms/rights and institutions will be assured. If Trump wins, the assault on our freedoms and rights, both figuratively and on our streets, will continue by those on the far Left. In either case, America will never be the same again…


Well it is nice to escape to another country, but I can’t do that, so I would much rather stay and fight for my country, as feeble as I have become. I can still use words, and write my treatises, in my time.


What does Costa Rica have? My only contact with that place is,; I was a controlling Architect on an insurance project and the insurance company used a secondary Architect who in turn used CAD operators from Costa Rica, at nearly slave wages, and I had so much in corrections, that the project developed major cost overruns. Nah! Don’t need Costa Rica.

By the way: Hello again John Galt!!

That is preposterous. Biden’s federal policies will strangle and choke to death what is left of the economy. Biden has already indicated job-killing and economy killing-policies he will implement.

Furthermore, just in general, the socialist forces of that fascist party will attack every aspect of our economy and society in such a way as to suffocate society in general. I don’t think you grasp the sheer evil that awaits America if those fascist socialist pigs who call themselves democrats take over.

Democrats are the party of infanticide, socialism, government control, smashing Free Speech rights, giving free stuff to illegal aliens, and now they are the party of mobs in the streets burning and destroying cities. See the burning cities and torn down statues, and you see the democrat party world. Mobs.

Republicans are the party of Traditional Values, Liberty and freedom. Donald Trump gave us the lowest unemployment rates since John F Kennedy until the virus hit, and now Democrats are trying to keep the virus going because they are so evil they are happy to destroy the economy simply to defeat Trump. That’s right. Masks and continued shutdowns are a joke, based totally on fear. There is a 0.04 death rate for Corona. People have more chance of dying from the Flu.

That is going to happen anyway, and the reason is that AFTER the election it will no longer be Trump’s job on the line but THEIR job on the line. The public simply will not put up with much more of it.

Joe Biden will destroy the economy

I said this over on the FOX news forum a while back. The economic recovery will depend , not on a Trump or Biden victory but who winds up in power in congress. The socialist democrat will reshape the economy to reflect their government control. But the actual issue is, does Trump have a Republican Congress or a democrat congress. That is where the voters should be looking into in their various states. If they cannot see their way to elect republicans to work with Trump, there will be a stalemate for the next four years. Same with a Biden win but a Republican Congress, the same type of stalemate. The real mission of the Republicans is to elect as many Republicans into office and Trump can begin to work. The economy is reawakening and that is what this administration must focus on.

Well, who wins Congress will certainly have a great affect on Trump’s ability to repeat his previous pre-Covid miracles. But you are wrong because Biden plans on implementing insane economy-killing programs being drafted for him by Sanders and AOC. So who becaomse president is far more important than Congress. A Biden win is an economic death blow. I do think though that I understand the point you are trying to make, that Trump needs a Congress to work with him…

I basically agree with all that.

Sadly, too many deep state RINO’s are in the party. He had a Republican Congress for two years and they aced like he was the enemy.
If Im may rephrase your sentence, “The real mission of the Republicans is to elect as many true conservatives who will work with Trump into office and Trump can begin to work.”


If the Democrats win the Whitehouse, it’s over. The Biden puppet will resign quickly, or he will stay in the Whitehouse basement and be controlled by Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders and the squad led by AOC.

The betting seems to say that the Democrats will gain control of the Senate because of the number of seats that are up. They are also slatted to retain control of the House. That leaves Trump as the line of defense.

The best I can be this year is cautiously optimistic. I am expecting the worst with the Democrats taking full control and ending our economic system, our democracy and our way of life. They have done it by taking control of the education system. The youth are programmed, and don’t know what’s at stake.

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My God don’t even breath such a horror into the air.

We need to face hard facts. I hear dangerous comments on Fox News like, “We have got this election won.”


The Democrats have over 160 electoral votes without lifting a finger. We have to fight for every vote, even Texas.

In the Senate, 35 seats are up for election. Republicans hold 23 of them. A flip of three or four sets will give the Democrats control. The assumption is that the Democrats will hold the House despite Nancy Pelosi. ANY VOTE for a Democrat in the House is a vote for Nancy Pelosi. Don’t get fooled.

There is a candidate here in Florida who is saying she will work with anybody and attacks the partisan divide. If she were to do what she promises, Nancy Pelosi would cut her off an the ankles, forget the knees.

Trump Train - the reason I believe a Biden win will mean a quick recovery should be obvious.

You see TT, business and industry would be on a near vertical recovery now if it weren’t purposely being slowed ahead of the Nov 3 election by “Blue State” (West Coast/East Coast) political hacks, such as Gavin Newsome of Cal, refusing to allow small businesses to reopen to any meaningful (read: profitable) degree. Newsome recently published Cal’s reopening guidelines - they require that a county has to be below 1 new case a day per 100,000 residents to reopen. As someone who knows a little about epidemiology, such a demand by Newsome virtually ensures the world’s 8th largest economy (Cal) likely won’t be open until the middle/end of next year - 2021.

Now, fast forward to a Biden win - do you think Newsome would continue to apply the same guidelines? Hell no. “Miraculously”, Covid-19 will be deemed less of a risk by a “a few leading scientist” (read Biden supporters), business will be allowed to reopen to full/near full capacity (those that haven’t closed for good) and the Left, with help from its communication wing of the Dem Party - the media - will take credit.

Let no crisis go to waste - Rahm Emanuel (former Obama COS and former mayor of Chicago.

I think Trump will prevail on Nov 3rd, or 10th or 25th - depending on Dem challenges (voter suppression - the usual Left BS). But, know this, if you think media has been and is out to get Trump - you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. An “October Surprise” has likely already been planned.


I agree with just about all of that. I am just saying 2 things:

Biden’s bad policies will negate the good of lifted restrictions, and

Restrictions will have to be lifted anyway regardless of who wins so that is a wash