Biden: "you know the thing!"

I know “the thing,” but you don’t because you have lost your marbles and are headed down the road to dementia. I saw this with my mother who tried to talk but fumbled for her words and could barely express herself. Over the last three years of her life, she could not talk at all and had to be spoon fed to stay alive.

Biden acts like my mother did six years before she passed. She couldn’t balance her checkbook after many years of doing it quite easily. She told a neurologist that Eisenhower was President in 2006, four years before she passed. I begged him to declare her incompetent because I was afraid that she would sign something having no idea what it was.

It’s sad, but these establishment Democrats are using Biden to hold on to power. He’s being used as a front man. He does not have the mental capacity left to be President. If he gets the nomination, let’s hope Trump can win the election. If he doesn’t, we are going to have a mentally impaired person in the Whitehouse and a lot of debates about presidential competency.

What a mess the Democrat Party is! The choice has boiled down to a mentally impaired old man, an arrogant New York billionaire, who is out to buy the Whitehouse, and a communist.


Biden campaign slogan: Make America Swampy Again

He’s still doing it. Calling voters damn liars, dog faced pony soldiers and that they are full of sh*t. If he does this now on the campaign trail can you imagine how he will behave once in office??


vote Joe, he seems nice.