Biden's latest dumb idea $450,000 to each illegal who was separated

Joe Biden now wants to give $450,000 to each illegal alien who was separated from their family after crossing the border during the Trump administration. That means that many of these families will be collecting almost $1 million or more.

To put this in context, when a service member is killed in combat, the government pays the family $400,000. That means that when your family member dies for their country, the family gets less money than a family that broke the law, crossed our border illegally and got separated in the process.

Do any of you Democrats want to defend this? Be my guest.

This shows how Biden regards tax payer’s money as “Monopoly Money” when it comes to paying off people he perceives will be Democrat voters in the future. If you are an American citizen, even if you have served this country in the military, you are second class behind the illegal aliens.

The Democrats are sick. They deserved to run out of office until they get some common sense.


Horrible idea, family separation was a horrible idea, this is bad, this is really bad. This is waving a white flag at the border bad. My blood is boiling, you guys kind to had to have known that whole kids without parents in cages crap was going to lead to an equal or greater cross back reaction. Actual Americans being roughed up by police get nothing due to qualified immunity. How does qualified immunity not work with border agents? Yet we can’t get paid medical leave for actual Americans. Japanese Interment Camp Survivors got 44k (adjusted for inflation). 44k is more on par. Average Recovery For police brutality is currently $650,000 if you can even prove or sustain claim, many of which involve death. I’m sticking to 44k a piece.

democrats … when the word STUPID just won’t do! :angry:


Again, not stupid; nefarious. Destruction of the U.S. is the goal.


Just want to toss this out…

Many of the people have pro-bono legal representation and the US government can be still be sued.

In many of these cases, parents were forcibly separated form children, some as young as two and some happened for extended periods of time, a year or more.

We might find that some of these parents are awarded millions. So, in the litigious society that is the US, who knows what jury’s will award.

I don’t know, because this is the first I’ve heard of it, but for myself, I’d like to see what these people get in court.

What do you think an American would get having their child taken from them, especially if the system lost your kid?

$450k might be a bargain.

It might be what they got in court maybe a little less. They have no idea how what they did was like a violation of Geneva conventions on our soil. It boils my blood we have to pay anyone for breaking the law. Lets say a man breaks into your house takes 2k worth of goods and he goes to prison and the prison guard rapes him on Camera 10 to 20 times he’s gonna get a pay out. This is what happens when we stand by and let others do crappy things. I think they are too insular too closed off to see how horrific that was. What did it accomplish nothing, nothing except pain then a settlement no one was deterred. Even Alaska Slim admits they will keep coming until their county can provide a standard of living that will deter them. It will rain again that’s a fact.

So we can mark you down as a supporter of this idea, @Unitedwestand. I’m not surprised.

Would any of you other Democrats care to walk the political plank with him?

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So then the logical question seems to be, is there anything we should/ can do to see that people have more reasons to stay in their native countries and infiltrate the US?

I mean, I believe that the US was sending reasonably small sums of money to some of these nations, but Trump cut it off, IIRC.

Stop giving these people everything as a reward for breaking the law. When every Democrat in the presidential debate raised their hand for free medical care for these people, I knew we were screwed.

Deport them. Send them home. Make it unattractive for them to come here illegally. If they are so poor, where are they getting the thousands of dollars to pay the coyotes? Are the Democrats giving it to them?

When you are advertising that the streets of America are paved with gold, it does not matter how much money you give those governments. Those governments will steal the money anyway. The people will never see it.

But paying money and screwing the middle class is now the policy of the Democrat Party. Maybe enough people will wake up.

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We should of lowballed first I’m not aware of the negotiations. You must have no idea how horrific the child separation thing was. I thought Trump was hiding at Mar-A-Largo trying to avoid a Milosevc type ICC arrest over that jazz. The brutal inhumanity are you for that?

That won’t stop them from coming, they don’t come for “rewards”, they come for opportunity.

We do that already, doesn’t solve the problem. Interestingly, Obama deported more than Trump on average.

Are they? I don’t think so, sounds like something you made up.

Example, or more hyperbole?

How is paying money screwing the middle class?

We’ve wage a multi trillion dollar war that’s returned very little relative to the money spent. Did that screw the middle class?

I asked how to keep people from coming to the US, nothing you offered is any sort of solution.

Yes, he clearly is.

It’s reported for months that the illegals are paying the coyotes thousands to help them cross the border. Why would the coyotes bother to drop children over the border wall or provide trucks with aliens packed in the rear? Do you think they do it for free?

Why did I respond to you? My bad.

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Foxes are cheaper, your news source sucks and is biased. You can’t think for yourself. Umm look these people are broke, and the way your people wrote the immigration laws back in 88 gave them legal standing to sue. You don’t sperate families like this you knew it was un-Christ like at very least. Coyotes take a 200-300 cut per person which is their life savings, many die on the way thus strength in numbers (caravans). Caravans cost almost nothing the Catholic Church feeds them along the way you wanna start stuff with Catholics? Coytees are rare btw. Alot fly into LAX and overstay a tourist visa (70%). It’s alot cheaper to buy a ticket into LAX (airport). The ones who jump borders have previous border arrests that prevent them from flying into the US or no documentation to board a plane. Do you know anyone in the latino community with regular communication to Mexico? Drug runners will pay coyotes 4000-6000k because their product returns are worth it. My step brother was shot by the cartel in South Texas, he’s latino he business with him someone tried to pull rank. He’s avidly against illegal immigration, he’s a Libertarian meth head, he likes border patrol cause he can avoid paying for cartel services lol. Outside of the Durate plan of shooting drug traffickers there’s not enough room in prison let alone hell for them. The people trying to get away from are decent folk like Slim said they will work they don’t take welfare they hate it. Their kids who become Americans 20 or 30 years later use welfare at the rate rural whites do. Slim knows a thing or two about the world most of you haven’t set foot in a shop or a county jail in 20 years and none of the fox news documentaries could teach you anything everyones got an agenda. I just saw a documentary on the Sinola cartel and fetynal it makes me wanna puke.

Joe Biden is a criminal, a liar and an imbecile.

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A wall would stop a lot of them.

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. . . says the socialist anti-American leftist who goosesteps to his Marxist masters’ orders.

Have we ever had a more corrupt administration more interested in protecting and helping people from other nation’s, than it’s own citizens??? Raise taxes and give more to people breaking our laws who are not even US citizens is about all we hear from the Pedophile Biden crew. Punish the successful and give “free” to others, even those who chose not to work, as well as those who break our laws, as soon as they step into the country.

What’s the hardest to believe is that American citizens not only voted for this, they continue to support it, even after they’ve seen the damage that’s being done. One need look no further than our resident Marxist Socialist goose-stepping poster of false information Unitedwestand

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The question is, if the goal is to reduce illegal immigration, then the question is: what is the most cost effective way to accomplish it?

Trump said $12 billion, but if we look at the wall that were built under Trump, the costs would be much higher.

Looks like “Mr. Negotiate for better prices” really screwed the pooch on the little bit of wall that he managed to build.

In fact if we consider the costs so far, Trump has spent $19.5 million per mile. If that were the average for the entire wall we’d be looking at almost $40 billion.

Then there’s the fact that portions of the wall almost immediately failed:

Thus, it seems a wall built would probably run into massive cost overruns, be prone to failure and based on costs of maintaining the wall we have would likely costthree quarters of a billion dollars every year.

This doesn’t even include the lengthy court battles that would almost certainly ensue as the government would need to size land via imminent domain to build the wall across private land, resulting in higher cost and delays.

The head of the National Border Patrol Council, a union representing 16,000 Border Patrol agents which endorsed President Trump during his campaign, said, “We do not need a wall along the entire 2,000 miles of border.” He went on to say, “If I were to quantify an actual number, I would say that we need about 30 percent. Thirty percent of our border has to have an actual fence [or] wall.” The existing 650 miles make up more than 30 percent of the 2,000 mile border.

Which, I believe Trump accomplished 30% during his administration.

So my question is, if the goal is to secure our boarder if the cost is going to be $20 billion (being kind) and annual maintenance will be $500 million (again being kind), that puts the 10 year cost at $25 billion, is this really the best way to spend $25 billion? Can we accomplish the same goal and either:

  1. Prevent the same number of illegals for less money?

  2. Spend the same amount and prevent an even greater number?

The wall IMO, has always been more of a symbol than a practical way to keep out illegal’s as 70% of illegals do not cross the border.

Under Obama, the US sent about $500 per annum to South American nations to be spent in ways to help prevent people from coming here. I think that money could buy good will, perhaps even reduce China’s influence in South America (what is the value of that?).

So yeah, the fact that it might keep out some illegal’s isn’t really the question for me, the question is, is it the most cost effective way to do it, and most people agree, it isn’t.

The “Progressives” have no desire to stop illegal immigration; they welcome it. The people who support the “Progrssives”, who post on this site, have no interest in looking for ways to stem the tide. They support open borders because they are looking to create a permanent Democrat majority made up of welfare recipients and far left radicals.

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