Biden's latest dumb idea $450,000 to each illegal who was separated

Are you a lefty pretending to be a trumper PM me plz I’ll keep your secret.

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If you really cared about curtailing the flow of dangerous drugs, @Unitedwestand, into this country, you would join us in closing the border and building the wall between us and Mexico. But since that goes against Biden’s policy, you won’t do that.

Therefore you are against importation of dangerous drugs, but you don’t support doing anything about it.

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If I believed the wall would stop it I would be 100% for it. We need more CBP on the ground, we need dual fencing so we catch them in the middle of the two.

I don’t know about calling the Democrats “Nazis,” but they are committed to aligning themselves with compliant corporations and limiting freedom of expression from those who disagree with their agenda. That does make them fascists.

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Part of me hates what facebook does to people it disagrees with part of me thinks some stuff goes too far. It’s like the most vocal 10% the Qanon TrumpTrain folks. Yesterday I had a debate on facebook over tax rates no one was censored there was no hostility. Some people come in like a methed out badger and spam the site.

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In a recent post equating Democrats with being stupid, the moderator said:

I agree 100%. In order to create a socialist state, the existing nation must first be destroyed.

This, by the way, is the only way that otherwise incomprehensible stories become comprehensible.

Why spend us into oblivion? Why destroy the military with woke perversions? Why fire 1,000’s of first responders at during a crime wave and a pandemic? Why give our greatest middle east base to the Taliban (and then to China)?

None of these make sense alone. Only when we understand that the destruction of America is a prerequisite to the establishment of a socialist state does it all come into view clearly.

Of course, destruction of the family and religion is also a big part of this, thats why we see women, their sports, their very gender, being destroyed by transgender activists, and the family being destroyed by homosexuals and other anti-traditional family groups. Even BLM officially wants to destroy the nuclear family, so their website says.

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Trump Arranged that.

Pandemic has the economy on partial shutdown, were only country in world with out paid maternity leave.

Against this, I am for merit based promotion, not woke based promotion.

Hospitals also fire people with a BMI over 30 it’s about health. It’s about the image of health. Last I knew employees had few rights if you wanted to work to change that I’d be all for it.

Elise Stefanik: This should outrage every American

The New York congresswoman argued the potential $450k payments to separated migrants would ‘exacerbate’ the border crisis and send the wrong message.

Ignore all comment, call all Dems Nazis and socialists and keep hurling s*** against the wall and see if it sticks.

Reminds me of someone that used to post here.

Who said that first? Chaos can be used to destroy ideologies. The funny thing is they think it’s helping them.

I’d take that math over subsidizing the illegals.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott will tell you that it is working where it’s built.

For my clarification, who do you mean by 'they?"


He will say anything that makes Trump or the Party look good. The CBP asked for more agents and double chainlink gating.

You think radicalization is helping.

@Unitedwestand, you are obviously an open borders guy, so of course, you are against the wall.

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He is obviously something that I guess I am not allowed to say in this forum. But I will repeat what I said in another thread:

My guess is that @Unitedwestand is an agent provocateur/

His avatar says he is with the American Solidarity Party.
“The American Solidarity Party is a fiscally progressive and socially conservative Christian-democratic political party in the United States.”

So why does he continually defend the party of abortion and sodomy? He is waving the banner of a socially conservative Christian-democratic political party.

So tell us, you who accused me of being a troll, where do your allegiances lie? If you are really socially conservative and Christian as your avatar indicates then why do you side with the baby-killing sodomite Democrat socialists and attack the GOP which is pro-Life and Pro-Traditional marriage?

I am likely the most socially conservative Christian here, yet you attack me.

What’s your game here?

As I laid out, the question is, is there better ways to solve the problem for less cost? If 70% of of the problem cannot be solved with a wall, and some percentage of the 30% that are left will find a way to defeat a 30ft wall (just ask China when they built a big wall).

The wall is meant to be a symbol, not a solution.

Well, if Greg Abbot said it it must be true (sarcasm off)

That and .25 cents will get you some coffee.


That is NOT the question, socialist. The issue is this filthy socialist loser Biden giving millions to illegal aliens as he destroys the lives of American citizens with high gas and food prices and firing essential workers over his fascist mandates.

You don’t get to decide what the question is.