Big Brother is now lurking in Twitter!


Well if this doesn’t scare you, nothing will. These people are now like the Nazi watchdog group the gestapo sniffing out any hint of resistence to BO’s agenda. Basically, our rights have been uprooted–just like in Germany during the late 30’s.

Jezebel rats out racist teen tweeters: Calling the kids’ schools is crossing the line.


This is something Obama was espousing at the beginning of his first term. But actually this is a theme we saw during WW2 with the slogans and advising folks to watch your neighbor especially if he/she were of German or Asian descent. And I remember during the cold war period, we were told to keep an eye out for commie subversives. So this springs up every so often.


Yes, it seems to do that. But, given the situation we are facing in this country, and the eroding of the basic rights of Americans, this should be pretty frightening to anyone with an IQ of 75. Like Germany during the 30’s and 40’s, the American people are being systematically brainwashed into ignoring the “communist donkey in the living room”.


Sorry, but Twitter is the most useless thing on the internet. I do not want nor do I desire to know what you are doing every minute


Sorry, but if some one wants to post racist stupidity in their blog or Tweetings (proving themselves to be Twits!) - in public - they have earned what they get. They had no expectation of privacy. I have no sympathy for the Jezebel site - a private site, not government - but they have every right to do what they did. And, frankly, knowing there are kids who have shown themselves to be possible racists at their school is something school admins should know! Words aren’t violent actions, but often lead there. Is it tough on these Twits? Sure! But not posting racist insult Tweets isn’t tough.