Bill calls for revoking parents’ driver’s license for school absences


SOUTH CHARLESTON - Pay increases for educators, adding five or 10 minutes to a school day and a bill that one West Virginia senator thinks would encourage families to understand the importance of education are among the suggestions leaders in their fields believe could lead education reform in the state.
State Sen. Erik Wells, D-7th District, plans to introduce a bill during the upcoming legislative session, which begins Wednesday, that would revoke the driver’s licenses of parents whose children miss too many days of school.
Although Wells said he won’t bet it will be one of the approximately 200 bills of 2,000 that will become law this session, he does hope it will increase awareness about the importance of education and hold parents accountable for the actions of their children.
On Friday, Wells told West Virginia reporters the bill will call for revoking the driver’s licenses of individuals whose children are inexcusably absent for 10 or more days of the school year. Before revoking the license, the bill would stipulate that a parent would receive a warning when the child has been absent five times, he added.
Bill calls for revoking parents

The lengths they will go to in order to continue the indoctrination of the government schools!


“The Village”


While I am positive there are some parents who let their child skip school or make no effort to ensure they are there, this proposal smacks of more government control that can lead to abuse.


So what do drivers’ licenses have to do with school attendance?


The parents drive the kids to school, or apparently should, according to these people. I suppose they figure that if your kid plays hooky you should pull them from the bus system, drive them to campus, and then march them straight into the building. No chance to skive off, you see? And if you don’t, you’re obviously an irresponsible parent who deserves to be punished.

If I was to skip school, though, I wouldn’t just not go. I’d go, and then leave during one of the breaks or passing. Even in closed-campus high schools, kids hang out in the parking lot a lot; it wouldn’t be that hard to just slip away unnoticed.


Politicians don’t care about what a law does, they care what it appears to do, unintended consequences be damned.


This proposal is BS. But, considering this is Democrat-dominated West Virginia, I’m not really shocked.


They probably hope that a loss of the driving privilege will cost them their job, thereby making them dependent on welfare and a sure vote for Demoncrat’s in the future.:yes:


He obviously has no kids or is just being an ignorant douche.


So what do drivers’ licenses have to do with school attendance?

It’s something to help parents to remember to drive their kids to school, after the license revocation, right?

Depending on WV’s laws pertaining to homeschoolers (and the details and amendments to this proposal), this could also be a back-door attack on homeschooling.

It’s funny how government requiring something for the good of the children can look so much like government-enforced indoctrination.


That should go on a plaque. In certain offices.

We just had some prostitution laws in the parliament that were meant to stop the criminal element but will actually force women to work for organised crime. Sigh whatever keeps mr & mrs suburbia feeling secure, even if it’s false.

And yeah this law is ridiculous, I skipped school twice & there was nothing my mum, who drove me there, could have done to prevent this highly planned operation. Haha the second time we got busted though, went to the beach and got badly sunburnt. It didn’t go unnoticed. Anyways there are other things that a license is used for, such as earning a living…


I paraphrased someone else…can’t remember who, but he was correct.


Rush says that quite a bit, but don’t know if he’s paraphrasing someone else. Yes, it’s all about appearances, and nothing about substance.

My Mom, who was about the most straight-laced lady you ever want to meet, allowed me to skip school once in a while. Two rules: Don’t EVER not tell her, letting the school catch her off guard, and her left holding the bag. Don’t ever, EVER, try forging her name for an early dismissal. I don’t even want to think about the hot water I’d have been in if I pulled either stunt. I’d’ve been up that famous creek with no paddle.
Thing is, the very idea that she’d have had her license revoked for it - a woman who never so much as received a speeding ticket in her life - is pretty laughable.
Come to think of it, she may have THANKED them if they had. Considering that she had 8 kids, and one of her favorite expressions was, “Once in the delivery room, the rest by car”, I think you get the gist. lol.