Bill Clinton Claims “Make America Great Again” Is Racist


Former President Bill Clinton says Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan is racist, despite using the exact phrase himself several times during his 1992 presidential campaign.
During a campaign event Wednesday for his wife Hillary Clinton, the 42nd president said Mr. Trump’s rallying cry to “Make America Great Again” is a racist dog whistle to white Southerners.

Bill Clinton Claims “Make America Great Again” Is Racist, Except He Used Same Slogan In His Campaign… | Weasel Zippers

This election has been a study in stupidity. Politicans making statements accusing the other of things when in their own history it can be shown they have used the same tactics and slogans. It is a sign of desperation when politicians accuse the other side of racism when both sides are running white candidates. Hillary jumped the shark with her statement on the character of Trump’s supporters.

The fact that accusations against Trump about hatred for blacks has no foundation in fact is with out substance. Trump speaks out against illegals and that includes not only mexicans but all others who come here illegally. He speaks about the influx of muslims who are not being vetted except to weed out christians.

I am reminded of not long ago when certain politicians in townhall meetings were telling their constituents that they were stupid and not to be listened to when they wanted to push obamacare through. This should point out that politicians figure that those they “support” are to stupid to know when they are being lied to and act on that.


LOL, why is it I believe that, but if you are watching FOX news then you know the Slick Willy has been using that term in campaigns since he ran for GOV of Ark. But hypocrisy is a plank in the Far Lefts platform…


In Bill’s defense him saying “make America great again” meant something totally different. It was just another way of saying line my pockets more. (wink)


I actually think we are approaching a day when the word “racist” in political discourse will have the same impact as the word “free” does in commercial advertising.
Not to worry, they will come up with a new slur to describe us.


Racist the new most over used word in the American language. It ranks right up there with: You can lose UP TO 10 lbs per month. (meaning of course that they are only at fault if you lose more than 10 lbs. Gaining 10 lbs is within that statement.
If you say anything against liberals you are racist. Any phrase you use is racist. Any meaning you pass on is racist. Honestly I kind of take it as a good sign. It means that they haven’t come up with any new phrase to use on conservatives & who knows, just possibly the more they use it, the further they reach with it, a few of their followers will catch on that they are spouting garbage. Not many of course because as I said liberalism is a religion. But if even a few of them catch on it just might scare the hell out of them & scared liberals just might make a mistake.


That is in fact true. In 30 days if you weigh your wallet every day you will have lost 10 lbs of money in 30 days on this scam.