Bill Clinton Tells Democrats They Should Run On Obamacare…

Bill Clinton encouraged Democrats to run on President Obama’s healthcare law Wednesday, saying it was bringing down the cost of healthcare in the U.S. and that with 8 million people enrolled, "we’re rockin’ along pretty good here."
Vulnerable Senate Democrats, including in Clinton’s home state of Arkansas, have distanced themselves from the legislation in their reelection campaigns, but Clinton said they should highlight popular aspects of the law while assuring the public that they are focused on fixing the issues that remain.

Democrats should run on Obamacare, Bill Clinton says - Los Angeles Times

Me thinks Bill is trying to undermine the democrat machine.

Lets do the math… Over 7 million (last I heard) lost their health care due to Obama-care. 8 million people signed up. Assuming those that lost their coverage all signed up, that makes 1 million new people covered thanks to Obama-care. Since it was an ‘emergency’ due to over 43 million not having coverage, they are declaring it a ‘victory’ when that is down to 42 million?!? Sure Democrats, run on Obama-care (one of the most hated laws in modern times) and see how far that gets you…

Yesterday I had a regular checkup with a doctor and the receptionist and I were talking. I pointed out that with UHC I only have to present that card instead of my Medicare care along with it. The question arose is why do I still have to pay for Medicare part B if that does not count anymore. The question was unanswered. I am still obligated to pay for Medicare part B. The receptionist said I needed to pick up a supplement to pay for non-covered costs. In effect, I would have to pay three insurance premiums to cover what took only two before. Thanks-- Obamacare.

Ranma??are you that obtuse? Those are the democrat points and the only think correct is the 7+million who have lost their insurance. This is a terrible coerced,ILLEGAL move by a corrupt government to force people into a federal osize fits all health insurance, which last count I heard was 6 million but far fewer have actually paid a premium and even less are aware just how much they will be gouged with their premiums…

Just as the guy being interview on The Kelly File last night called Bill Clinton, “passive aggressive” for dropping the bombshell that it took Hilary over SIX MONTHS to get over her concussion, so is he being “passive aggressive” here by acting like he’s giving them advice to help them win when he’s got to know it’s the biggest losing point anyone could offer.


The Clintons are irrelevant. Nothing more that they do will matter once Obama leaves. If that’s all the Dems have in 2016 they are in huge trouble.

But then again the liberals are in trouble anyways.