Bill Cosby found guilty of drugging, molesting woman


I can hear it now … “But Trump!”


I am heartened that justice is served and disappointed that Bill Cosby the human sucks so heinously because he was so funny and awesome.


“slipped her a Cosby” now joins “Lewinsky” in the realm of euphamisms I will use regularly.


I did not, do not want to believe this…DAMMIT REALITY, care what I want for once!


There have been enough false accusations that I have some lingering doubts, but our jury system usually works pretty well.


I’m not thrilled that he was found guilty, but when some of the evidence started coming out a few years ago, I feared that there really was a fire where that smoke was.


Hard to believe. The guy must have some kind of mental sickness. Hid it for years, and most of us were his fans, but now . . .

What a shocker . . .


Has anyone actually seen the evidence that was presented to the jury?


No, that’s why we select juries and go through complicated courtroom procedures. We’re all busy working. If there’s something wrong with the system, then there’s something wrong with the system. And I think there’s things that are wrong with the system, but again, I haven’t seen evidence. Has anyone seen evidence this jury was corrupt, inept or wrong?

The evidence I do have is that that a lawfully convened court held a trial, and a jury rendered a verdict – all of it part of our long-standing legal system. If I encounter evidence otherwise, then I’ll revise my opinion. I do have my concerns about our legal system probably similar to yours.

Maybe. I worry. That’s why I oppose the death penalty.


Yeah, me too. It’s not that it is never appropriate, I just don’t trust the mechanisms we have for determining when it is. ‘High trust’ societies are historically pretty rare, and when that trust erodes it’s nearly always gone for good.


My own concerns about the death penalty are in reference to give a convict as much time as possible to repent and be saved from hell; God desires that for everybody, although not everybody will choose it.


The ONLY way the death penalty is a deterrent is for it to be applied equally, certainly and IMMEDIATELY. You’re found guilty, you have 1 week to make your peace with God and/or file an appeal if you TRULY believe you are completely innocent, and then you’re executed…period. No more of this “automatic appeals” BS and no more of this filing appeals merely to delay your execution–even when you KNOW you’re guilty. All THAT does is enrich attorneys and frustrate justice.