Bill O'Reilly Is "Full of Crap!"


In his monolog this evening, he was spouting CRAP such as … The Government has “THE RIGHT” to regulate what guns you can have!

The Government this … The Government that!

He goes on to claim that The Government “Is The Militia” and Has The Right To Regulate them too!

His opinion is based on regulating the guns used in all of these Mass Shootings!

Only Problem …?

Again, an uniformed gun grabber speaks!
What guns would you ban/regulate?
A revolver is a semi auto gun!

What is an assault weapon?

Before going any further … let’s be clear on what semi means!

Semi means … one pull of the trigger equals one shot.

Now, if you would look up mass shootings in the U.S. you will note that most (If not all) mass shootings were done with semi auto handguns or semi auto rifles.

I list only a few to start!

The first major ‘mass shooting’ (before Orlando) was Virginia Tech.

Problem is … the killings were all done with semi auto Handguns!
Glock 19 pistol
Walther P22 pistol

Other mass shootings using semi autos:

Wedgewood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas
7 killed
Ruger P85 semi-automatic pistol and an AMT semi-automatic pistol .380

Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut
26 killed
Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle, .223 caliber

So, If your solution is to ban guns used in mass shootings … your solution would be to ban them all!

You can start here …


Almost forgot …

What is an assault rifle?

Prior to 1989, the term “assault weapon” did not exist in the lexicon of firearms.

It is a political term, developed by anti-gun publicists to expand the category of “assault rifles.”

A ‘semi-automatic’ Armalite-15 (AR-15) … pull the trigger 30 times, it will fire 30 shots.
(Same as a revolver)

A full auto (ex: M4A1 carbine) … pull the trigger once and it will fire every cartridge in the magazine.


What is?

Brown Bess Flintlock Musket, circa 1722

Springfield Percussion cap Musket circa 1822

Springfield Trap Door single shot Rifle circa 1877

Each of those were Army issued ASSAULT WEAPONS!!! All used in wars!

Several years ago under Klinton we had an Assault Weapons Ban! A key component of an Assault weapon was it having a Bayonet lug in order to attach a bayonet. According to liberal THINK, in the time of the ban there was NEVER a recored drive by bayoneting, THEREFORE the AWB WORKED!!! you can’t make this stuff up!

Anyone forget Boston and the bombs made from pressure cookers you can buy at most cooking stores or large Dept Store. Do we now call them Assault Pressure Cookers? Should they be banned too???

Here ya go Hitlery, FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!


NONE of the characteristic features used in the AWB bill to distinguish an “assault weapon” from a generic semi-automatic rifle increased the deadliness of the “assault weapon”. Some may have decreased it, slightly (e.g. the pistol grip or large-capacity magazine, which could impede movement of the “assault weapon” in tight quarters). A more honest description of an “assault weapon” would have been, “Has features Gun-Hating Congress-Critters think look scary.”

You might have included one of the most ubiquitous and effective assault rifles of all time, 17O, the bolt action Lee Enfield:


I thought about that, but did not want it to turn into a laundry list of guns over the past 300 years, rather I wanted show the warped thinking of the far left and that assault weapons are not something that has arrived on the scene in the past few years…but I can honestly say that I never heard my father refer to them as assault weapons and he went in the military in '34, nor did I ever heard that term in my military career spanning '67-'94. Yet the far left keeps on hammering on it.

As I sit here the head of “Homeland Security” Jeh Johnson is babbling on about gun control. To begin with I do not like the term “Homeland Security”, sounds just a hair too much like ‘Deutschen Vaterland’ or German Fatherland. Frankly the entire DHS scares me, it right out of the pages of Hitlers play book…the good news that DHS is run by and staffed down to its lowest levels bumbling fools, unlike Hitlers homeland Army that was there to get the Germans under control. My fear is that someday a Far Left will hold office and be far smarter than Obama or Hitlery and turn it into his private Army to get the citizens in line.


Billy O’Really, who I’ve also re-christened Billy O’Toole, or just “tool”…is the kind of fake-conservative, fake-Republican, covert Statist that the Murdoch forces are now promoting…that Faux Nooze is now becoming populated with.

Old Rupert gave Roger Ailes his hand in building a conservative-oriented news network. Alas, Ailes is old; the government has telegraphed its displeasure; and Old Rupert is turning the reins over to his kids.

The Murdochs were never conservatives - they like money; and that’s fine. Ailes showed them how to make it by creating a different kind of news network.

But to them, that time is past. There’s more security in cronyism and in spouting the Government Line…even if perhaps slightly less popularity. FNC no longer needs to build an audience - they HAVE it; and SOME losses they can endure. They’re part of the cabal and now they can afford to spout the Official Line - and can no longer afford, in this age of no-longer-free speech, to NOT spout it.

Tool, and reGreta, and their “gay” news anchor, and May Gun with her kabuki dance with FNC’s favorite non-conservative Statist pol…are all just proof of how corrupt the media industry now is. New, legacy, dead-tree or e-spam.


I have been watching O Toole since he was first on…as time has gone by he has gone softer and as he has made more and more millions on his books he had drifted toward the left, soft on Obama, weaker on guns, he is NOT the conservative voice from his early days.

Now days if you want a conservative voice then its Judge Jeanie on Sat night at 8pm as she skewers Obama and the left…she may be the last hold out.




Gun Control is working exactly as it was intended to work, very few citizens are armed these days and criminals can now pretty much wreak havoc as they please; this creates fear in the masses who then ask the government to get bigger and stronger to protect them.


I think it would be more accurate to say: “Has features that the autocrats think they can bamboozle the public into thinking look scary so that they (the autocrats) can make progress in disarming the American citizenry.”

Not strictly true. Guns have been flying off the shelves in recent years. Whatever else they think, a lot of people don’t trust the government. Obama tried to get people to embrace gun control, and it turned the last Black Friday into a record gun sales day.


Guns “flying off the shelves” does not equal a growing percentage of the citizenry ready to confront a Terrorist, gun laws have insured that those guns are mostly locked up at their owners home.


Depends on the state, but for the most part, yeah.

It’s mostly people like me who own enough to arm their neighborhood.

I tell you this though:
I will not relinquish a single one to the gov’t.


Bill O’Reilly is also “full of crap” when it comes to the 14th Amendment. See: Bill O’Reilly and Andrea Tantaros misconstrue 14th and equal protection of the laws


Obama is the worst President ever!. Here is a LIST of Obama’s evil doings!


In July of 2015, Bill O’Reilly falsely suggested that INS v. RIOS-PINEDA, (1985) was to determine if a child born to an alien while on American soil is a legal citizen.

The truth is, the question being decided by the Supreme Court was the Attorney General’s discretionary power and had nothing to do with deciding whether or not a child born to an illegal alien while on American soil is a citizen upon birth. In other words, the case Bill O’Reilly cited has no bearing what-so-ever with regard to the question of whether or not a child born to an illegal alien while on American soil becomes a legal citizen upon birth.

Keep in mind, “It is a maxim not to be disregarded that general expressions in every opinion are to be taken in connection with the case in which those expressions are used. If they go beyond the case, they may be respected, but ought not to control the judgment in a subsequent suit when the very point is presented for decision. The reason of this maxim is obvious. The question actually before the court is investigated with care, and considered in its full extent. Other principles which may serve to illustrate it are considered in their relation to the case decided, but their possible bearing on all other cases is seldom completely investigated.”___ Chief Justice Marshal, Cohens v. Virginia, 19 U.S. 6 Wheat. 264 264 (1821)

In any event, Bill O’Reilly, where is the documentation from the debates of the 39th Congress to support the notion the 14th Amendment was intended to bestowed citizenship upon a child born to an alien on American soil who has entered our country illegally?

Put up or shut up Bill


The whole aim of construction, as applied to a provision of the Constitution, is to discover the meaning, to ascertain and give effect to the intent of its framers and the people who adopted it.***_____HOME BLDG. & LOAN ASS’N v. BLAISDELL, 290 U.S. 398 (1934)


Nor will I relinquish my guns. And as far as them being locked up at home. I go to dinner with friends and we’re all carrying.


Just a few minutes, then I have to teach. Friends think about this, as long as there are democrats out there, there will be the specter of gun grabbing by the government and if or when this happens, the Fed decides to take your guns, how are you going to stop them? who, here has the real courage to absolutely stand your ground and shoot back if necessary to keep your weaponry? Damn few, I’ll bet.
We can sit at our computers and mewl over this or that, but that is all. this is a sounding board, nothing more. When push comes to shove, we will all back down and submit like good little boys and girls.


The Fifth amendment is a wonderous thing.


I think you are right. When it comes down to it, even Randy Weaver (Ruby Ridge) gave up and handed over after they shot his pregnant wife.

But there is ME and maybe I am the rare bird:

I was adopted, have No children, my entire family all lies in the ground, I have no Aunts, Uncles, brothers, sisters cousins, no one. My wife, she knows were I stand, we have been married 15 years, she never had kids, she is separated from her family (only her sister is living) as her sister lives in Europe and they are estranged to say the very least.

I am a loner and always have been, having been single most of my life.

Trust me, when they come to take my guns, they will have to take my life, there is no other option. They may well have more Ace cards than I do, but I am dealing the cards and I have but one life to give and its me against THEM which is plural, which means I can get two or more before I bleed out.


My son in law says we won’t be handing them over. You’ll be dead anyway.