Bill O'Reilly is wrong - Trump is right on getting rid of illegal aliens


Once again, the arrogant and self-professed fountain of all knowledge, Bill O’Reilly, displayed his ignorance. On this evening’s show he alleged that Donald Trump cannot rid our nation of millions upon millions of foreigners who have invaded our borders without the court stopping him.

Bill O’Reilly’s peanut sized brain is incapable of understanding that Donald Trump would be acting within Constitutional limits if he decided to enforce a number of laws which would make it extremely uncomfortable for illegals to stay here and would actually encourage them to leave on their own! There is no need for mass deportations, which peanut brain O’Reilly implies is the only way to rid our nation of illegals who are causing devastating social, financial and political consequenses which American citizens are suffering.

The fact is, Donald Trump can work to adopt and enforce the following:

*Severely punish business owners who hire illegal entrants;

Stepping up the prosecution of business owners who hire illegal entrants;

Deny illegal entrants any tax payer financed medical care, including Obamacare (excepting in a life death situation);

Encourage States to deny the children of illegal alien’s access to a State’s public school system and all public assistance programs, i.e., any privileges created by a state for its citizens;

Encourage States to deny state issued drivers licenses or other forms of identification to illegal entrants;

Direct the appropriate federal government agencies to identify aliens who have overstayed their visa and prioritized their expulsion from our country whenever their name comes up when applying for a driver’s license, stopped for a traffic infraction or other crime, etc.;

Forbid and make it a crime for illegals to live in any public housing unit or section eight housing;

Evict section eight occupants and public housing occupants if caught harboring illegal aliens;

And making it a point to never allow a person who has entered our country illegally, or is here illegally and caught, to re-enter our country legally in the future __ giving existing illegals a two month period to leave on their own before implementing this rule.*

These are all reasonable measures which Trump can work to adopt and enforce to encourage illegal aliens to leave on their own. Unfortunately, Bill O’Reilly sucks up to the Establishment and is a talking sock puppet for the Club for Growth and Chamber of Commerce and constantly pretends that mass deportation is the only option for Trump to rid ourselves of illegal entrants who, by their very presence in our country are causing devastating effects.


To support John Kasich or Hillary Clinton is to support a continuance of Obama’s illegal immigration tyranny which includes giving legal status and work permits to tens of millions who have invaded our borders!


With all due respect, these tacti s might work, if in fact they are !egal, however, the unintended result would be crime and a greater forcing of those underground.

Enforce laws and find a balance in punishment. Even Trump has quietly avoided this subject of late.


Just curious, JWK. Do you think Donald Trump is a true constitutional conservative?


Like Bill O’Reilly and most of the personalities on Fox News, Trump’s own words indicate he is far removed from understanding what our Constitution means.



So, you are suggesting we should not enforce existing law?



I don’t believe he is, but I do believe he is right on Immigration. This would be one of a few positives of him winning POTUS.
I don’t know what all of the negatives would be, but I suspect they are many.


Of course you enforce the law, this means above and beyond all other issues, protect your borders. Prevention is the best form of handling illegal immigration, meaning, if they never sneak in they don’t have an opportunity to take jobs or engage in illicit activities, in effect, you won’t have mass illegal immigration.

What I am suggesting is what others have stated, Trumps belief in mass rounding up and exodus may not be and is probably not constitutional. If you use tactics to make life uncomfortable for illegals it will drive some to return to Mexico, though I am guessing only a small amount. Those who stay will find a way to make their means.

I’m no expert, but I had considered the difficulties of dealing with 11 million illegals. I can understand why many Americans are angered by this as it is unacceptable. It might be possible to deal with these deportations in an efficient manner if you set up a special judicial board of five or more judges who sit in one location and only deal with these deportations. I imagine that some path to legal green card status might solve a great deal of these problems. The costs of rounding these illegals up and processing is going to be a major burden without question, this is why the initial protection at the border is key.


Although I, at this point in time am undecided about Trump, I suggest that you, instead of projecting your assertions about Trump’s plan see Trump’sImmigration Reform That Will Make America Great Again



A very large percentage of decent paying jobs which American citizens, Black and Puerto Rican, have lost to illegal entrants from Mexico and Central America are in the construction trades __ carpentry, roofing, plumbing, dry wall, masonry, etc. And they have lost these jobs to illegal entrants working for sub-contractors who hire illegals off the books, below the going wage while the illegal entrant does not pay taxes on their earned wage. This is how illegal entrants compete with American citizens for these decent paying jobs and squeeze out American Blacks and Puerto Ricans.

During the 1970s I was working with some very prominent Real Estate developers who were converting commercial properties in New York City such as the Cast Iron Building, the Old Post Office Building and countless others commercial blidings into modern apartment buildings. I saw with my own eyes that sub-contractors, especially dry wall, masonry, roofing and carpentry were using resident aliens who were paid in cash at the end of the week and off the books. As the years went by, the number of resident aliens grew on our job sites in these decent paying jobs and Blacks and Puerto Rican tradesmen were pushed out of work.

In fact, in California Black’s once dominated in the dry wall industry and many dry wall contractors were black owned businesses. Today, you would be hard pressed to find a black owned dry wall contractor.


To support John Kasich or Hillary Clinton is to support open borders and our Global Governance Crowd and their WTO, NAFTA, GATT, and CAFTA, all used to circumvent America First trade policies, while fattening the fortunes of international corporate giants who have no allegiance to America or any nation.