Bill to punish lawless officials in sanctuary cities with fines and jail time


An economic model of growth that you propose can’t seem to explain Zimbabwe since the 1980s. Perhaps you’d like to explain it? They have more low skilled people than ever. The technology available to them is the greatest it has ever been. They suffer from FAR worse poverty than even in the 1950s. How could you end up with 94% of the population unemployable? You say this is impossible. It can’t happen. What do your Austrian economist sages have to say about this? What makes it unique from countries that have gone from freer markets to literal communism. What is the explanation?

Automation just can’t replace people, right? There’s ALWAYS something new for them to do.

Look at this chart:

Why doesn’t there seem to be any need for anyone who isn’t operating large scale farm equipment, mining equipment, or selling things?

Where are the NEW JOBS, AS?

Perhaps you have another chart that can explain it?


A place that has experienced capital flight for decades, operates as a corrupt command economy, and whose own most productive farmers are now sitting across their border, selling their crops back into it?

Do you want me to explain how Angola could be the most expensive place in the world? Because it basically amounts to the same thing.

Administration change; anti-colonial sentiments.

Some nations, like Botswana, embraced Cosmopolitanism left to them by the West, and reaped the benefits. Others aligned themselves with the Soviets, and got resources that way; so long as the USSR was still kicking.

Somalia was once the greatest military power on the continent for this reason. Have any idea how that stopped?

How did the ATM create more jobs for bank tellers?

There’s more tellers working now, than when the ATM was introduced.

That’s because tellers today do certain different tasks, while the more repetitive tasks were largely automated.
The increased efficiency of the service allowed banks to build more branches. Expanding services, and expanding the number of tellers they needed to man those branches, even as total staffing requirements per branch shrunk.

These are jobs that didn’t exist 15 years ago:

Social media managers
Uber drivers
YouTube content creators
Drone operators
Web Analysts

We’ve also seen large expansions in wholesale trade (not just retail), and business services; advertising, computer services, temp agencies, building cleaning, building security, not to mention anything to do with Apps or Big Data.

The problem you are having, is that you assign too much importance to the one ubiquitous job, which has been replaced by quantity of job types.

This trend has always been with us; 93% of Americans were farmers in the 18th century, only ~44% at their peak were factory workers a century later, and the ubiquitous white collar job was half of that in the 20th century.

Job types meanwhile went from about a few 100, to a few 100,000.

Yell about farm equipment operators all you like; that’s nothing compared to the men who had to stand in a long straight line, side by side, day after day, to harvest wheat by hand & sickle.

Finding all those men jobs, was a far worse adjustment than what we have today. Same to all the craftsmen put out of work by mass production.

Cwolf? What you’re giving me, is warmed over Futurist-arguments. Economists don’t agree with the argument, and not just the Austrians; all of the schools; Classical, Keynesian, Monetarist, etc… What I’m giving you is the consensus here. A consensus that formed, because history tells of us overcoming worse adjustments.


Dave (you skimmed my post btw), your other figures are still wrong: Tucker’s study was only of the Federal prisons, not all of the prisons (the study admits to this)

When you do look at inmates in all the prisons (or at least try to through residuals), immigrants are underrepresented in all categories. They’re ~40% less likely to criminalize than natives.


What about the lives the illegals save?

Why are you treating the deaths as more significant? (the same thing the left does with Guns)

Why are you ignoring the reason that Police Chiefs back the policy?

Again Old_dog, you don’t have to agree with my policy proposals, but you should be acknolwedging that the other side here is equally trying to confront practical problems.

You’re too quick too assume it’s simply greed or ideology. You should treat people as people, not caricatures.


I totally forgot about all the cancer researchers, neurosurgeons and EMTs who made the dangerous trek up the Jornada del Muerto trail.

Police Chiefs are almost universally appointed by liberal mayors and city counsels and are told what to do. A poll of mostly elected sheriffs tells a different story.


This man:

Again, why do the lives they save not count?

Immigrants who have no desire to commit violent crimes, vastly outnumber the ones who do. We know this.
Just like with every other group; a small number of people commit a disproportionate amount of the crime.

The results aren’t backing you here.

Towns with sanctuary laws are less likely to be infested with criminality, not more.

Who here can explain the El Paso Miracle? A city sitting right across from Juraez, one of the most violent in Mexico, yet El Paso being one of the safest in America, while having sanctuary laws?

In policing terms, it makes sense to have a non-antagonistic relationship with the people you’re policing. Police need their eyes & ears to do their job effectively You have people embracing this, even in red towns in red states.

The ideology angle thus, just doesn’t hold up.


Where do you GET this crap? Chicago, Baltimore, Houston, San Diego, LA, San Francisco are ALL proclaimed “sanctuary cities” and they have the WORST record of criminality in the country… a LOT of it committed by illegals–disproportionately to their demography, in fact.


From actually looking at figures, making apples to apples comparisons between cities?:

You didn’t even respond to El paso at all. Because I know you can’t explain it Dave, it’s beyond your explanation of the situation. You don’t get how that could happen, but Sociologists do.


El Paso is about 90% HISPANIC…many of them RELATED to those in Juarez…including LEOs. I’ve SPENT TIME in El Paso. Have you? Residents there get PO’d if you refer to ANY other place in Texas as “West Texas” INCLUDING West, Texas. Secondly, it’s the home of Fort Bliss and Army towns tend to be more peaceful than others. My cousin installed the electronics for the Nike-Zeus sites there.


Yet none of this explains why the crime rate is so low on one side, and so high on the other…


What does you line of responses have to do with punishing lawless officials in sanctuary cities?



Sure it does. If you commit a crime in Juarez, there are NO CONSEQUENCES. If you commit the same crime in El Paso, you’re VERY likely to go to jail.


Leftist logic.

Pass sanctuary laws that exempt illegals from the law, then cite the ensuing lack of prosecution as evidence that illegals are not criminals!

This is nothing new, for years the Left have said “houses without firearms are far less likely to have an accidental shooting than homes with firearms in them”.

Illegals are not prosecuted for violating most laws, in fact they sometimes won’t be prosecuted for murder if the media doesn’t call attention to it; and even when they do prosecute they are let off in most cases.

Laws, taxes and draconian social responsibilities are roles that citizens are required to play.

Illegals just get government subsidies and a free pass on laws to go with their free house, power, water, garbage, food and clothing.


Let’s not forget the hundreds of Pakistanis illegally entering California. Even if most of them are brain surgeons and rocket scientists you know damn well that some of them are jihadi thugs.


True, RET. AS’s “logic” is that you can lower the murder rate by making murder legal.


You might be interested to know that my cardiologist–who saved my life in 2003 and has treated me ever since–IS a Pakistani who attended medical school in India. He’s VERY good at what he does and I trust him implicitly. His name is Sayed Abbas. I once asked him if he was related to that Palestinian guy and he laughed and said his name in the middle east was like Jones or Smith in the U.S.


My PCP is also Pakistani . . . Jahvid Malik . . . and is also very bright and professional.

Have been going to him for 17 years now.


I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut that your cardiologist didn’t come in this way:

The border agent told WND, a group of agents were briefed about a week ago by a border intelligence supervisor to be on the lookout for more Asians. He said 50 Pakistanis and approximately 300 Indians were apprehended at the border in the month of November alone. Most came in small groups of five or less.

“The Pakistanis really shocked me,” said the border agent, who works in the El Centro Sector but asked not to be identified for fear of professional reprisals. “I knew they were getting Indians, but when he said 50 Pakistanis were picked up last month I was really shocked.”

All crossed over from Mexico into California in the El Centro sector.

“I think a lot of them from Pakistan and India are flying right into Mexico City and Mexico just kind of looks the other way, maybe even helps point them in the direction of the fastest route to the U.S. border,” the agent told WND. “They don’t want them in Mexico.


Which would indicate that they are NOT physicians which Mexico needs.


This isn’t my point Old Dog. You’re talking past me again.

I don’t pigeon toe you with positions you’re not taking. I don’t link you or anything you’ve said to racism, or fascism, or whatever the hell Islamophobia is supposed to be.

Because I know you’re not any of these things, and trying to argue even implicitly from the standpoint that you were, would be dishonest, and would ignore the actual points that you’re making here.

All that I ask, is that you show me the same courtesy. Confront me over the points I’am making, not ones I’m not.