Billion Dollar Babies!


With so many billionaires allegedly PRO LEFT/ANTI TRUMP , I am baffled that someone with the wherewithall to join the MLB (Major League Billionaires) is so poorly informed that they tend to back a mega liberal political agenda…
*Who is the first against the wall when revolution strikes? The rich!
I have no doubt these carpetbagging scoundrels would be first to flee if Real Left took over. I guess anybody with that much cashflow can ignore history. But I am reminded that in the Nazi Movement the Ruhr industrialists were STAUNCH supporters of Der Fuhrer. Of course, they were liquidated by Lenin and Stalin in the USSR ,but I imagine, if cooler communist minds had prevaled ,the vanguard of the People would have been the wealthy…you know, to make a buck.
So I quess many of the MLB are POSTURING leftists as it is politically popular to do so, but are really out to make a buck,which during the CLINTON/ OBAMA and even the windy BUSH INTERIM, you were a pro-Liberal…


Here I was, excited because I thought we’d finally have an Alice Cooper thread…

Anyways, I don’t think the MLB’s care. When we go full socialist, they will be the only people of means.


As it’s always been; the socialists get their one-class society (poverty)… except for the elites, who still run the show (the only question is which stripe of elites).



Question: How do you tell the difference between a SOCIALIST and a SOCIALITE?
Answer: SOCIAL LITES HAVE HALF THE TASTE OF SOCIALISTS!(otherwise they look the same)